STR #2578

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STR #2578

Application:FLTK Library
Status:1 - Closed w/Resolution
Priority:2 - Low, e.g. a documentation error or undocumented side-effect
Scope:2 - Specific to an operating system
Summary:"XOpenIM() failed" warnings in fl_init_xim
Created By:AlbrechtS
Assigned To:AlbrechtS
Fix Version:1.3.0 (SVN: v8478)
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#1 AlbrechtS
01:31 Feb 25, 2011
In one of my current Linux configs I get multiple warnings "XOpenIM() failed" when running FLTK programs. They are triggered whenever fl_init_xim() is called, and this is not only called on initialization (which would IMHO be acceptable), but also on each entering the main window with the mouse cursor (X11: EnterNotify, line #1410 in src/Fl_x.cxx) and once more in line #871 (fl_handle).

I propose to
 (a) remove the above mentioned warning and related warnings entirely
     (maybe commenting them out), or
 (b) make them appear only once (to let the user know about it), by
     checking a static variable.

Note: currently I don't know why I get the warnings in the first place, but this is a nice test case anyway. I assume that I would need to install something but that is not the problem here.
#2 manolo
04:11 Feb 25, 2011
The fl_init_xim() function is now called at other instances
than program startup to fix STR #2474. IMHO, your proposal to
print the warning message only once seems the correct fix.
#3 AlbrechtS
06:23 Feb 26, 2011
Fixed in Subversion repository.

Committed svn r 8478 fixes this in a way that only the very first message will be issued, and only in the first call of fl_init_xim. I intentionally did *not* add one static variable for each warning message, but only one for the function call itself, so that there won't be any messages, if fl_init_xim() fails for the first time in a later call.

In my case, this works as expected: I see the mentioned warning only once (when called for the first time from fl_open_display).

Manolo, do you think that this is okay? If yes, I'll close the STR with resolution (please feel free to close it yourself if you agree).
#4 manolo
08:45 Feb 26, 2011
Fixed in Subversion repository.  
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