STR #1819

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STR #1819

Application:FLTK Library
Status:1 - Closed w/Resolution
Priority:3 - Moderate, e.g. unable to compile the software
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Fl_Text_Editor: right control key deletes text
Created By:xurux
Assigned To:AlbrechtS
Fix Version:1.3.0
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#1 xurux
14:00 Oct 27, 2007
Fl_Text_Buffer text_buf;
  Fl_Text_Editor* text_ed = new Fl_Text_Editor(5, 5, 800, 600);   

Fl_Text_Buffer has a problem, when you want to copy/cut/paste text
with the control key, you can only use the left control key;
the right control key will delete the selected text.

For a long time i thought this was a bug, but when i looked into
the code, it seems to be a "feature" to input composite characters
(like press right control, then c => copyright symbol, for example).

The "problem" is in Fl::composite(del) (in src/Fl_compose.cxx).

Maybe there can be added an option to enable/disable the right
control key for composite characters (during runtime or compile time).
#2 matt
07:15 Nov 19, 2007
Bumped to 1.2. We are only fixing true bugs. This is a (disputable) feature.  
#3 matt
06:45 Dec 19, 2010
This should be fixed in 1.3 now after we changed much of the text input code. Can the OP or someone test this? My Mac has no right Ctrl key ;-)  
#4 AlbrechtS
13:09 Dec 19, 2010
Fixed in Subversion repository.

The problem does not exist any more since the removal of the character composition function from all input widgets. Tested and confirmed on Windows and Linux.
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