STR #1549

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STR #1549

Application:FLTK Library
Status:1 - Closed w/Resolution
Priority:3 - Moderate, e.g. unable to compile the software
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Fl_Help_View: tables causing text indent problems
Created By:greg.ercolano
Assigned To:mike
Fix Version:1.1-current (SVN: v5643)
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Trouble Report Files:

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#1 greg.ercolano
08:23 Dec 23, 2006
#2 greg.ercolano
08:23 Dec 23, 2006
#3 mike
11:38 Jan 28, 2007
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Trouble Report Comments:

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#1 greg.ercolano
08:23 Dec 23, 2006
When a table appears withing a <UL> </UL> block,
when the table closes, the indenting level is lost,
causing all text that follows to be flush left, or off screen.

I know the HTML abilities are limited, but this is simple stuff,
and used to work in 1.1.6.
#2 greg.ercolano
08:24 Dec 23, 2006
BTW, the screenshots are using the test/help program, eg:

    ./help /var/tmp/foo2.html load the attached HTML example.
#3 mike
08:32 Jan 20, 2007
Well, that isn't valid HTML (only LI is allowed directly under UL...), but I'll see what I can do.  At the very least the left margin shouldn't go negative... :)  
#4 greg.ercolano
02:14 Jan 25, 2007
> Well, that isn't valid HTML..

    Yes, don't get me started ;)

    According to HTML purists, <BLOCKQUOTE>, <DL>, <UL> are all
    hacks and wrong to achieve indenting.

    After all these years there's still no "proper" way to
    indent text in pure HTML.. so we all just fall back to
    doing whatever works.

    IMHO the HTML spec is fatally flawed for omitting such an
    obvious practical need, which is why browsers seem to support
    this universally.
#5 mike
11:38 Jan 28, 2007
Fixed in Subversion repository.

I added a simple margin class to track the changes to the margins better; it seems to have cleared up all of the problems in your example and the FLTK documentation.
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