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Id Priority Status Scope Summary Version Last Updated Assigned To top right image
  3094RFENewALLFl_Scroll: to control the hscrollbar by wheel of mouse1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  kdimanTo control the hscrollbar by wheel of mouse when cursor has position over the hscrollbar (behaviour like in the Qt library).Patc...  
  2843RFENewALLFluid: "space evenly" makes the same distance between pairs1.3-featureOct 17, 2012Unassigned  
  NikegoIt seems to me that "space evenly" action would be more useful if distance between all pairs of widgets would be the same. At th...  
  2867RFENewALLADding bgcolor to Style_Table_Entry1.3-featureOct 17, 2012Unassigned  
  dfleury2A bgcolor should be added to Style_Table_Entry  
  3126RFENewALLImage resizing algorithm1.3-featureNov 21, 2014Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSCan we close this STR?A new bilinear image resizing algorithm has been implemented in FLTK 1.3.3.Is there still need for any of ...  
  2882RFENewALLa minimum knob-size for Fl_Scrollbar widget1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  ajaptedThe size of the knob on the scrollbar is inversely proportionalto the total size of the contents to scroll through.  This is apr...  
  2894RFENewALLproblem with pressed_menu_button_1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  NikegoWhen I tried to get rid of the triangle in widget Fl_Menu_Button, I realized I need to rewrite entire class from scratch instead...  
  2896RFENewALLBetter looking menu dividers1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  ajaptedThe following patch supports making nicer looking menudividers, as shown by the attached image.It does not affect the API or ABI...  
  2902RFENewALLFL_HOLD_BROWSER selection positioning1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  corvidOops, sorry about the extraneous bits at the bottom of the diff -- pity I don't seem to have a way to delete that and put up a p...  
  3171RFENewALLEquivalent of names.h for Fl_Table::TableContext enum1.3-featureDec 28, 2014Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoSuggesting the addition of FL/tablenames.H to define stringsuseful for debugging Fl_Table's "TableContext" names.This serves a s...  
  3174RFENewALLScrollbar of deactivated Fl_Text_Editor not working1.3-featureOct 02, 2017Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoArg, that last paragraph in my last comment should read:--- snipOne way that might work is to have the app open both an Fl_Text_...  
  3181RFENewALL3d pie chart1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  kdimanI got error by post files, and my last files are not exists now =(  
  2926RFENewALLRemove hardcoded extra pixels from menu window size1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  ianmacarthurCan you mock up some expamples of how you'd expect it to look, and post these here too, for reference?  
  2936RFENewALLfluid: needs mods to allow defining a 'namespace'1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolano(Submitted on behalf of Gonzalo's request on fltk.general 03/20/13)Fluid seems not to allow one to define a 'namespace' for func...  
  3193RFENewALLChange the Background Color of Checkboxes and Radio Round Indicators for Deactiv...1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  andymandiasFirst patch was accidentally created with the wrong diff-like command.  v2 is the same patch in the correct format.  
  2941RFENewALLRFE: fl_text_extents(): support multiple lines1.3-featureFeb 24, 2016Unassigned  
  greg.ercolano> symbols simply scale to the current string height, whatever it is.I should add fltk's @ symbols are not really like "character...  
  3456RFENewALLFl_Input Readonly Cursor1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  grobbsThe cursor used for readonly mode Fl_Input causes confusion for users. It's kind of an odd shape and it tends to be drawn low, l...  
  2950RFENewALLMenu Item behaviour 1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  ianmacarthurDo we want to go ahead with this, or...?  
  3492RFENewALLfltk-config shouldn't report its own dependencies1.3-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  yurivict$ fltk-config --use-gl --use-images --ldstaticflagsshould return all dependencies because they all should be supplied to the sta...  
  2728RFENewALLAdd test program to test for shadowed variables (-Wshadow)1.3-featureOct 27, 2014greg.ercolano  
  greg.ercolanoThe fact this RFE has not been implemented yetshould not hold up a 1.3.3 release.  
  3240RFENewALLFl_Html_View - more capable replacement for Fl_Help_View1.3-featureFeb 09, 2019Unassigned  
  gkIf you load a local file with Fl_Html_View, local images are not loaded.The problem seems to be in Fl_Html_Parser where the valu...  
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