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Id Priority Status Scope Summary Version Last Updated Assigned To top right image
  2844LOWNewALLFl_Text_Display: needs keyboard nav for caret motion and keyboard selection1.3-currentSep 05, 2014Unassigned  
  ianmacarthurFor what it's worth, I think this behaviour is "by design", in so far as Fl_Text_Display supports all the cursor and carte stuff...  
  2892LOWNewALLFl_Text_Display::position_to_line(): Consistency check ptvl failed1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  corvidOh, also at one point I tried "#define DEBUG 1" in Fl_Text_Display.cxx, and then I was getting "*** display_insert/position_to_x...  
  3408LOWNewALLsetting Fl_Scroll inactive doesn't draw the background inactive1.3.4Oct 07, 2017Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoPatch looks good to me; it only addresses the situation wherea background /is/ drawn with fl_rectf().  
  2909LOWNewALLFl_Tile does not pass FL_RELEASE event to children1.3.2Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  vaifraxin Fl_Tile.cxx in Fl_Tile::handle() there is line 177 causing FL_RELEASE events not to be passed on to its children. Before usin...  
  3175LOWNewALLFl_Text_Editor overstrike mode doesn't behave as expected1.3.3Jan 07, 2015AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSAsking for comments.Fl_Text_Editor in overstrike mode does some strange (unusal, unexpected) things. Other editors seem to behav...  
  3186LOWNewALLfl_filename_match() inconsistent with case sensitivity1.3-currentJul 25, 2020engelsman  
  engelsmanI've created a github pull request against fltk-1.4.xSee https://github.com/fltk/fltk/pull/118  
  3261LOWNewALLFLTK and glutChangeToMenuEntry1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  bsdoobyThere's a quirk in (FLTK's) glutChangeToMenuEntry() function:it should be possible to dynamically change menu entries in glut'sc...  
  3282LOWNewALLFl_Table::handle() returns 1 on right clicks1.3.4Feb 02, 2019greg.ercolano  
  mattAssigned to Greg. Not sure if this request breaks things. It feels to me like setting a callback may also be used to pop up menu...  
  3290LOWNewALLFl_Help_Dialog does not number ordered lists1.3.3Feb 01, 2019AlbrechtS  
  vigmondI made a patch for 1.3.4--1. I finally implemented my own stack versionwithout going overboard. It does basic error checking but...  
  3292LOWNewALLFl_Browser: trouble pre-selecting item #1 with type() HOLD or SELECT 1.3.3Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoLowering this to Priority 2.  
  3293LOWNewALLshow_item_top() causes tree redraw position bug1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  mikesartThis is with 10304. Make the following changes to test/tree.cxx:mikesart@mikesart-mint:~/rad/gitwin/fltk (master *)$ diff -u tes...  
  3301LOWNewALLFl_Text_Display::scroll(line) not working with wrap_mode()1.3-currentOct 08, 2017Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoHmm, I think scroll() counting the 'post wrapped' lines.So if a single line wraps into 3 separate lines, scroll() is countingthi...  
  2791LOWNewALLMinmum size for tiles in an Fl_Tile1.3-featureDec 21, 2011Unassigned  
  ianmacarthurNote for others: this STR might be tangentially related to STR 2797, where it turns out that if you resize a double window to 0x...  
  3080LOWNewOSImplicit type conversion from int64 to int32 in fl_draw1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AnyCPUProblem occurs as I understand on 64 bit systems.  
  3341LOWNewOSFl_File_Chooser has no icons under more recent distributions1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  chrisUploded a patch 'file_icon2_fallback_default.diff' which tries to fallback to the default icons - for Ubuntu and hopefully other...  
  3382LOWNewOSwrong DC clean-up on Windows1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  dstarkeDr.Memory reported some GDI misuses which are mainly false-positive due to https://github.com/DynamoRIO/drmemory/issues/1552.How...  
  3134LOWNewOSfl_clip_box fails on X11 with large coordinates1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  ajaptedfl_clip_box() does not work properly when the input coordinatesare outside of 16-bit values.  For example, I passed sy=-70000and...  
  3147LOWNewOSAssigning Ctrl+Shift+0 to a Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar item does not work using Visual Stud...1.3.3Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSFTR: STR 3146 has been closed.  
  3409LOWNewOSlibpng1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  w1hkjGood morning ... I think we are playing tag ... sorry about that.The application is fldigi, http://www.w1hkj.com/files/fldigi/fl...  
  3438LOWNewOSusing ASCII function when Unicode version is available (mingw-w64)1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  dstarkefl_system() and fl_execvp() assume that there is not _wsystem() or _wexecvp() available if the compile target defines __MINGW32_...  
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