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Id Priority Status Scope Summary Version Last Updated Assigned To top right image
  2634HIGHNewALLfl_help_view bug fixes and new features1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoI'm also attaching a zip that contains Domingo's changesfrom a posting he made to fltk.dev on 03/08/2010with the same files brok...  
  1869HIGHNewALLavoid recursing event handlers (Fl::readqueue, Fl::check)1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  fabienIMHO, it may be confusing to let a menu popup open when displaying a message.In some designs, the popup menu could close automat...  
  2639HIGHNewALLFl_Pack resizes hidden widgets, which it doesn't touch when visible.1.4-featureMay 30, 2011matt  
  jcidHi,  FWIW, it turns out that Fl_Group also does strange things uponresize. The second attached program (gr_rsc.cc) shows this: 1...  
  3436HIGHNewALLuse of isspace(), ispunct(), and others must correctly test unicode characters1.4-currentNov 17, 2017AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSMore detailed information: POSIX defines the following functions, some of them may be used in FLTK (or not). Reference man7.org,...  
  3284HIGHNewALLCairo integration needs redesign1.4-featureJun 02, 2021AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSI think the screen scaling issue has already been fixed.  
  3327HIGHNewALLPublic members Fl::awake_ring_*_ should be private1.4-featureSep 13, 2016AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSChanged priority to 4 (high) because the potential change would break the ABI.  
  3399HIGHNewOSX11 Drag and drop issue when displaying popup on recept of payload1.4.0Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  chrisAs requested, opening a STR from the discussion "Drag and drop issue - [General Use]" on fltkgeneral:https://groups.google.com/f...  
  3271HIGHNewOSSocket for MS-WINDOWS is UINT_PTR1.4-featureFeb 13, 2018Unassigned  
  ianmacarthurFor 1.3.x - maybe we are stuck with hoping that no one uses a socket with a number that is "too large"... Which is *probably* OK...  
  3377MODNewALLFl::grab() breaks event handling for some controls1.3.4Apr 23, 2017Unassigned  
  dstarkeI have attached my proposed patch for this issue (grab2.patch).This fixes controls like Fl_Input if grab() is enabled for their ...  
  1859MODNewALLFluid callbacks in declaration blocks not working correctly1.4-featureSep 01, 2016Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSChanged "Subsystem" to FLUID.  
  2131MODNewALLtest/help: The 'search window' doesn't work for text within 1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoThis will probably be painful to fix, since getting the proper position involves calculating line heights.The way I can think of...  
  3419MODNewALLexamples/OpenGL*.cxx needs Makefile entries1.4-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoThe examples/OpenGL* examples don't have a Makefile target,so they can't be built using 'make'.Attaching an experimental patch f...  
  1650MODNewALLrelative widget image path is uncorrect if fl file not saved where created 1.4-featureMar 31, 2009Unassigned  
  mattcludge => kludge. I should know - it's derived from the German "klug". Tsk tsk ;-)  
  1919MODNewALLFl_Tile uses resizable() interface for different functionality1.4-featureMar 31, 2009Unassigned  
  mattThe "resizable()" widget works differently in Fl_Tile than it does in Fl_Group. To quoate the Fl_Tile documentation:"Fl_Tile all...  
  3458MODNewALLGLUT compatibility mode segfaults when there's no current window1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSReduced priority to 3 (moderate).This issue should not block the release of FLTK 1.3.5.  
  3462MODNewALLFullscreen windows not updated when screens are added or removed1.3-currentJan 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the report and the shown workaround (is it as simple as described in comment #3?). I can't test since I don't have a ...  
  3489MODNewALLalpha blending does not work correctly in Fl_Image.cxx1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  meixnerThe math behind the alpha blending is not correct, as a result colors may be slightly off.Alpha is in the range 0..255 and the c...  
  3238MODNewALLFl_Group::clear method should be virtual1.4-featureDec 05, 2021AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSChanged priority from 4 (High) to 3 (Moderate) because we can't do this in FLTK 1.4.0 as such.I'm leaving this STR open as a rem...  
  3013MODNewALLFixes to use of config.h header1.4-featureFeb 23, 2016Unassigned  
  skunkArgh, starting discussion threads is a little much for me at present. But if there's a thread going, I may be able to chime in.T...  
  3287MODNewALLPotential array overrun in Fl::get_font()1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for posting this - moved to 1.4-feature.[Note: 1.4-feature is available in the "Software Version" pull-down menu, at leas...  
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