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Id Priority Status Scope Summary Version Last Updated Assigned To top right image
  3337MODNewALLFl_Text_Display: sometimes selection doesn't work1.3-currentAug 22, 2020Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoThis was on linux BTW.  
  3377MODNewALLFl::grab() breaks event handling for some controls1.3.4Apr 23, 2017Unassigned  
  dstarkeI have attached my proposed patch for this issue (grab2.patch).This fixes controls like Fl_Input if grab() is enabled for their ...  
  3458MODNewALLGLUT compatibility mode segfaults when there's no current window1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSReduced priority to 3 (moderate).This issue should not block the release of FLTK 1.3.5.  
  3462MODNewALLFullscreen windows not updated when screens are added or removed1.3-currentJan 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the report and the shown workaround (is it as simple as described in comment #3?). I can't test since I don't have a ...  
  3489MODNewALLalpha blending does not work correctly in Fl_Image.cxx1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  meixnerThe math behind the alpha blending is not correct, as a result colors may be slightly off.Alpha is in the range 0..255 and the c...  
  3235MODNewALLSegmentation fault in Fl_Preferences1.3-currentNov 05, 2019Unassigned  
  jjboiaI am attaching a git diff so you can patch the current version of Fl_Preferences.cxx.  Please let me know if you have questions ...  
  3346MODNewOSFreeBSD/NetBSD: cannot build with make without running configure before1.3.4Jan 04, 2019Unassigned  
  manoloThe FLTK build instructions should may be state1) starting from the archive of a public full FTK release, do :cd [top of FLTK so...  
  3378MODNewOSconfigure.ac script changes for compiling fltk on Solaris1.3.4Apr 21, 2017AlbrechtS  
  nrauHi, I am trying this on the recent released versions of Solaris 11.  I haven't tried it on older reeleases, and I am not sure if...  
  3384MODNewOSsetting up an offscreen area crashes when no Window exists yet (X11 only)1.3.3May 17, 2017Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the report, but FLTK 1.3.3 is a very old release.Please test at least 1.3.4 or - much better - a current snapshot of ...  
  3170MODNewOSFl_Table_Row callback not called1.3.3Dec 28, 2014greg.ercolano  
  greg.ercolanoAssigning to me, changing "Software Version" 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3since the issue can be replicated in the more recent release.  
  2961MODNewOS1.3 very slow on X11 with Unicode locale1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  michaelbaeuerleAlbrecht, you have voted for the variant to make "IM not initialized allthe time" the default. But for this we need a third opti...  
  3494MODNewOScheck box not visible using gtk+ scheme1.3.4Jan 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSReduced priority to 3 (moderate).This issue should not block the release of FLTK 1.3.5.  
  3497MODNewOSfltk-config - support cross compile1.3-currentOct 10, 2018Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSNo, thanks, I don't think that I need more information currently. I'm busy with other things though, so please don't hold your b...  
  3252MODNewOSFl_Native_File_Chooser and Fl_Gl_Window on MacOS X1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoOK, seems there's a lot about this on the net.Internally Fl_Native_File_Chooser (or "FNFC") uses the OSX functionNSOpenPanel to ...  
  3001MODNewOSFlickering while resizing1.3-currentFeb 02, 2019Unassigned  
  mattThis does not occur on MacOS. I'd say that this is specific to x11 or even a specific window manager on X11.  
  3536MODNewOSregression: incorrect desktop scaling in TigerVNC (os/x)1.3.5May 20, 2020Unassigned  
  xipmixI'm reporting this as I don't see anyone else has.The (OS/X) homebrew build of TigerVNC has a regression in it which is best des...  
  3321MODNewOS[X11/Xft] Overlapping lines (font rendering problems)1.3.3Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  michaelbaeuerleOn some systems in the Fl_Text_Editor widget it seems that the linesoverlap by one pixel. If the text contains '_' (underscore) ...  
  3259MODNewM/PIncompatibilty with tmux on OSX1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  manoloI tried here FLTK 1.3.3 on Mac OS X 10.11and downloaded and built tmux (after downloading and building libevent).I experience no...  
  3077LOWNewALLfl_normal_measure does not give correct size for FL_ALIGN_IMAGE_NEXT_TO_TEXT1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoChanging this from High to Low (Undocumented side-effect)  
  2828LOWNewALLFl_Tree RFE's1.3-currentDec 06, 2017greg.ercolano  
  greg.ercolanoAdding new RFE: (G) "tooltips" for Fl_Tree_Item'sRemaining items:    A) Show leaves + Show branches -> selectable independently ...  
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