Re: [fltk.coredev] Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK

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Re: Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK Manolo 00:43 Jan 17 top right image

Le lundi 17 janvier 2022 à 01:37:20 UTC+1, a écrit :

Also we cannot just assume the plugin exists?

Let's be very explicit about what "plugin" does or may mean here.

1) If FLTK is built using the bundled libdecor, everything related to titlebars is inserted in
libfltk.a (or With configure, there's no other way to proceed.

2) If FLTK is built with CMake and OPTION_USE_SYSTEM_LIBDECOR,
all apps get dynamically linked to which belongs to package libdecor-0-0.
That package recommends another package, libdecor-0-plugin-1-cairo, containing that calls upon to draw all window titlebars.
This last dynamic library is what libdecor calls its plugin, and is what may, in the future,
be provided by other, alternative means.
If is not found by CMake, OPTION_USE_SYSTEM_LIBDECOR gets turned off,
so the FLTK library follows case 1) above.

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