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  Posting general questions moved to the google group fltk.general.
Posting for core library development similarly moved to fltk.coredev.
Posting bug reports is now (since July 2020) done with GitHub Issues and PR's, see Bugs and Features for more information.
There is also a community managed realtime FLTK chat channel on gitter.

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Subject Author Date/Time   Msg# top right image
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Manolo  09:45 Sep 15  20930  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Gonzalo Garramuno  15:04 Sep 15  20931  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Gonzalo Garramuno  15:09 Sep 15  20932  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Manolo  00:17 Sep 16  20933  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Gonzalo Garramuno  01:31 Sep 16  20934  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  imm  02:26 Sep 16  20935  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  imm  02:38 Sep 16  20936  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Manolo  05:56 Sep 16  20937  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Manolo  06:09 Sep 16  20938  
  CMake build problem  Rob McDonald  11:09 Sep 16  20939  
  Re: CMake build problem  Manolo  01:01 Sep 17  20940  
  Re: Re: CMake build problem  Albrecht Schlosser  03:06 Sep 18  20941  
  Addition to Fl_Group docs  Greg Ercolano  11:02 Mon  20942  
  Re: Addition to Fl_Group docs  Albrecht Schlosser  00:45 Tue  20943  
  Fltk 1.4 HEAD no longer builds on macOS  Gonzalo Garramuno  03:34 Wed  20944  
  fullscreen_active() does not return valid when screen is fullscreen  Gonzalo Garramuno  03:46 Wed  20945  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  imacarthur  04:07 Wed  20946  
  Re: Fltk 1.4 HEAD no longer builds on macOS  Gonzalo Garramuno  04:13 Wed  20947  
  Re: Addition to Fl_Group docs  Greg Ercolano  04:48 Fri  20948  
  Re: GL root Fl_Gl_Window::draw  Manolo  09:44 Fri  20949  
  Re: Addition to Fl_Group docs  Albrecht Schlosser  01:57 Sun  20950  
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