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Re: SDL LM Jul 12, 2021 top right image
  The concept of Pico sounds great especially if you can get it working with minimal additional functions.  I started with the Pico and PicoSDL ports.  However, I've been going through the code in the other backends including the Android port.  I'm hoping to take advantage of the features SDL has.  I'm working on switching to TrueType fonts from the bitmap font that was implemented for Pico.  The Pico implementation for fonts is very nice especially considering how much code is needed for it.  What would help in porting is an idea of which functions one might recommend be overridden and some info on what they do.  Would be nice to see that as part of the FLTK documentation at some point.  I created Fl_Font.H and Fl_SDL_Graphics_Driver_font.cxx based on concepts from some of the other ports including the Android one but am having trouble figuring out where to create the font descriptor class from within the graphics driver class.  Each port seems to have its own way of doing it.  At least I'm learning a lot about the various backends for FLTK.  I'll keep experimenting with it.  There's no rush getting the Pico code updated.  I'm getting some useful concepts from the Windows, X11 and Quartz code that is working.   The Android code has a lot of interesting functionality as well and seems better fleshed out than the PicoAndroid code.  Think it would be useful to eventually get a SDL backend working for FLTK.  There are some specialty operating systems like Syllablle and Beos that can run some version of SDL, but can't run X Windows or even nano-x in some cases.  Would be nice to get FLTK working on those types of systems.  Thanks.

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