Re: [fltk.coredev] About mixing Fl::awake(Fl_Awake_Handler, void*) and Fl::awake(void*)

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Re: About mixing Fl::awake(Fl_Awake_Handler, void*) and Fl::awake(void*) Ian MacArthur Jul 05, 2021 top right image
On 5 Jul 2021, at 14:09, Manolo wrote:
> Does any fellow developer know why the FLTK threading doc states :
> "Don't intermix use of Fl::awake(Fl_Awake_Handler cb, void* userdata) and Fl::awake(void* message) calls in the same program as they may interact unpredictably on some platforms” ?

A lot of that text was written by me - but ISTR the warning about mixing the two styles of awake() method predates my updates and came (maybe?) from Matt... 
Who I think added the Fl::awake(Fl_Awake_Handler cb, void* userdata) stuff, whereas the Fl::awake(void* message) is older...

> Do these platforms include Linux?

I’m not sure - I stared at the code for a bit, and I’m not seeing anything that would obviously cause it to fail, but then again... If Matt is around (he sometimes is) then he might know more about this, I think.

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