Article #1052: fltkl (layout for fltk2) 20110313

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Article #1052: fltkl (layout for fltk2) 20110313

Created at 19:56 Mar 13, 2011 by bnolsen

Inspired from use of Qt for years, this layout is far simpler and tries to do much with little.  Please look at the samples at

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From opus123, 09:01 Mar 25, 2011 (score=3)

Nice work, thanks!
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From bnolsen, 18:59 Mar 29, 2011 (score=3)

Any comments on what's missing/how to make this better? The code I posted here was an extract/refactor of what we're using at work.  I'd hoped to port all our internal stuff to use exactly this code but haven't tackled that yet.  When I get back to that I'll probably cut a new snapshot.

I added some extra sections (Limitations, TODO, possible improvements) to the README.txt
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