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  • bb 1.9

    An easy to use and straightforward interface to FLTK for the Chicken Scheme->C compiler.


    A module to use FLTK for building GUI apps in Perl. This module is a rewrite of the plFLTK module using Perl's XS bindings, so SWIG is no longer necessary. This module is for the FLTK2 development version and won't work with FLTK 1. Still very early in development, but most widgets, including Fl_Text_Display and the editor widget have been wrapped.

  • IFLTK 1.51

    IFLTK (pronounced Eiffeltick) stands for the Improved Fast Light ToolKit, and is an Eiffel binding for the FLTK library.

  • Octave-FLTK 0.6.0

    Octave-FLTK is a language binding to FLTK toolkit thats crossplatform and gives you a simple API for working GUI's in C++. Now Octave-FLTK enables ou to write FLTK code in Octave itself!

  • pyFLTK

    Python wrappers for FLTK.  Also includes utilites to generate code from FLUID files.

  • Ruby/FLTK 0.9.6

    A FLTK binding for the Ruby scripting language.

  • Slimn 0.1

    Slimn is a Python module for painting simple graphics to a window and responding to user input. 

    It is not a full-featured Python language binding.  It is simply a means by which a Python programmer can get access to a subset of FLTK's drawing API.  Slimn does not use Boost.Python or SWIG, just the Python/C API.

  • SmallBASIC 0.10.6

    SmallBASIC is a multi-platform BASIC interpreter.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-09] guile-fltk 0.1.2 .

    guile-fltk is a Guile binding for the Fltk widget library.  Latest release: 5-18-99.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Fltk for Tcl/Tk 1.0

    Tcl language bindings for the Fltk package. Use Tcl scripts to build GUIs based on Fltk widgets. Binary distributions for Windows and Linux. Source is also available. Currently at version 1.0 (stable) The current package is stable and can be used to develop large scale Tcl based FLTK GUIs. Extensive documentation is included. The current package is available as rpm and deb package archives for i386 and X86_64 platforms, as well as ipk package for use on ARM based Linux devices like the Openmoko Freerunner.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] FltkAppXcodeTpl 1.04

    Mac OS X (10.4) Xcode Fltk1 Application Project Template

    Create, build and test a new fltk app in few minutes with this template

    see README file inside this distrib for more informations.

    • Changes in 1.04 : updated flc script for dynamically getting full fluid path before invocation as it seems needed in latest xcode (2.4.1) version.
    • Changes in 1.03 : updated "projectname" to be supported on Xcode2.3
        names with blanks were confusing new xcode 2.3 project generation.
    • Changes in 1.02 : some dynamic "projectname" substitutions strings where missing (pch and exec name) and are fixed now
    • Changes in 1.01 : main.ccx is now translated into "projectname".cxx

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