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Author:Fabien COSTANTINIEMail:fab672000
Created:Dec 26, 2005
Updated:Jan 17, 2008
Home Page:http://fab672000.free.fr/fltkstuff.htm#fltkxcode (2038 visits)
Download:http://fab672000.free.fr/fltk/FltkAppXcodeTpl1_04.zip (1650 visits)

Mac OS X (10.4) Xcode Fltk1 Application Project Template

Create, build and test a new fltk app in few minutes with this template

see README file inside this distrib for more informations.

  • Changes in 1.04 : updated flc script for dynamically getting full fluid path before invocation as it seems needed in latest xcode (2.4.1) version.
  • Changes in 1.03 : updated "projectname" to be supported on Xcode2.3
      names with blanks were confusing new xcode 2.3 project generation.
  • Changes in 1.02 : some dynamic "projectname" substitutions strings where missing (pch and exec name) and are fixed now
  • Changes in 1.01 : main.ccx is now translated into "projectname".cxx


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  547FltkAppXcodeTpl 1.0Dec 26, 20050  

New Mac OS X XCode Project Template for FLTK !

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