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Category:Wiki/Software/Language BindingsRating:
Author:Kevin Dahlhausen / Matt KennedyEMail:kdahlhaus
Updated:Dec 10, 2001
Home Page: (3671 visits)
Download: (79 visits)

Python wrappers for FLTK.  Also includes utilites to generate code from FLUID files.


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From David McNab, 21:55 Jan 26, 2003 (score=5)

pyFLTK is only compatible with FLTK 1.0. Some months ago, the author indicated that he's not prepared to upgrade it for FLTK 1.1 or later.
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From Andreas Held (a.held, 02:22 May 15, 2003 (score=4)

Work on pyFltk has been resumed and a first alpha release is now available. This release covers fltk-1.1 and works with Python-2.2. This needs a separate installation of fltk, which then can be linked either statically or dynamically. Have fun!

Andreas Held
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