fltk/x11.h File Reference

#include "draw.h"


class  fltk::CreatedWindow


namespace  fltk


Region XRectangleRegion (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void fltk::open_display ()
void fltk::close_display ()
RgnHandle fltk::clip_region ()
HFONT fltk::xfont ()
COLORREF fltk::xpixel (Color i)


XWindow fltk::message_window
int fltk::xscreen
XVisualInfo * fltk::xvisual
Colormap fltk::xcolormap
XEvent fltk::xevent
ulong fltk::event_time
XWindow fltk::dnd_source_window
Atom * fltk::dnd_source_types
Atom fltk::dnd_type
Atom fltk::dnd_source_action
Atom fltk::dnd_action
XftDraw * fltk::xftc
GC fltk::gc
XWindow fltk::xwindow
void fltk::open_display (Display *)
bool fltk::handle ()
void fltk::clip_region (Region)
void fltk::draw_into (XWindow, int w, int h)
void fltk::stop_drawing (XWindow)
XftFont * fltk::xftfont ()
XWindow fltk::xid (const Window *w)
Window * fltk::find (XWindow xid)

Detailed Description

Declarations of FLTK symbols and interfaces that only exist if FLTK is compiled to use X11, as it is by default on Unix. It is recommended you avoid using this header file, and that you segregate code requiring it to it's own source file.

This header includes the Xlib.h, Xutil.h, Xatom.h, XInput.h, and XI.h header files, with sufficent wrappers to avoid conflicts with FLTK. In particular a macro is used so that "Window" is replaced by "XWindow" in these headers. You should use this rather than including the X header files directly.

Function Documentation

Region XRectangleRegion ( int  x,
int  y,
int  w,
int  h 

Missing X call, this creates and returns a Region with a single rectangle.