fltk::CreatedWindow Class Reference

#include <x11.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void create (Window *, XVisualInfo *, Colormap, int background=-1)
static CreatedWindowfind (const Window *window)
static CreatedWindowset_xid (Window *, XWindow)

Public Attributes

XWindow backbuffer
 The CreatedWindow's secondary buffer.
bool backbuffer_bad
 used for XDBE
::Cursor cursor
 The XCursor this window uses.
XWindow frontbuffer
 The CreatedWindow's primary buffer.
 The next CreatedWindow in the linked list.
bool overlay
 Whether or not to redraw the overlay on the next redraw loop.
Region region
 The X Region this Window operates on.
bool wait_for_expose
 Boolean flag determining whether or not the window must wait until it is exposed to receive eventsf.
 The Window (if any) this CreatedWindow refers to.
XWindow xid
 The CreatedWindow's XWindow IDentifier.

Static Public Attributes

static CreatedWindowfirst
 The first CreatedWindow of the linked list.

Detailed Description

When fltk tells X about a window, one of these objects is created. Warning: this object is highly subject to change! It's definition is only here so that xid(Window) can be declared inline

Member Function Documentation

void CreatedWindow::create ( Window window,
XVisualInfo *  visual,
Colormap  colormap,
int  background = -1 
) [static]

This function calls XCreateWindow and sets things up so that xid(window) returns the created X window id. This also does a lot of other ugly X stuff, including setting the label, resize limitations, etc. The background is a pixel to use for X's automatic fill color, use -1 to indicate that no background filling should be done.

static CreatedWindow* fltk::CreatedWindow::find ( const Window window) [inline, static]

Finds a Window's corresponding CreatedWindow

windowthe Window to find
A pointer to the Window's CreatedWindow
CreatedWindow * CreatedWindow::set_xid ( Window window,
XWindow  winxid 
) [static]

Set things up so that xid(window) returns winxid. Thus you will make that Window draw into an existing X window.

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