fltk/osx.h File Reference

#include "draw.h"


namespace  fltk


#define HFONT   const char*
WindowPtr fltk::quartz_window
CGContextRef fltk::quartz_gc
Handle fltk::system_menu
class SystemMenuBarfltk::system_menu_bar = 0
void fltk::open_display ()
void fltk::close_display ()
void fltk::open_callback (void(*cb)(const char *name))
void fltk::clip_region (RgnHandle)
RgnHandle fltk::clip_region ()
void fltk::draw_into (CGContextRef xid, int w, int h)
void fltk::stop_drawing (CGImageRef xid)
HFONT fltk::xfont ()
void fltk::clear_quartz_clipping ()
void fltk::begin_quartz_image (CGRect &, const Rectangle &)
void fltk::end_quartz_image ()

Detailed Description

Declarations of FLTK symbols and interfaces that only exist if FLTK is compiled on Windows. It is recommended you avoid using this header file, and that you segregate code requiring it to it's own source file.

FLTK is currently using the Carbon interface, and this includes the <Carbon/Carbon.h> header file. A macro is used to rename the Carbon "Style" as "XStyle" to avoid conflicts with FLTK. (all drawing is using Quartz, however!)

Many of the functions have the same name and purpose as ones defined in x11.h, just with different return types. Due to how Doxygen works, the X version of these is described here.