FLTK 1.4.0
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Fl_Terminal::Selection Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool clear (void)
bool dragged_off (int row, int col)
int ecol (void) const
void end (void)
int erow (void) const
bool extend (int row, int col)
bool get_selection (int &srow, int &scol, int &erow, int &ecol) const
 Return selection start/end.
bool is_selection (void) const
void push_clear ()
void push_rowcol (int row, int col)
int scol (void) const
void scroll (int nrows)
void select (int srow, int scol, int erow, int ecol)
void selectionbgcolor (Fl_Color val)
Fl_Color selectionbgcolor (void) const
void selectionfgcolor (Fl_Color val)
Fl_Color selectionfgcolor (void) const
int srow (void) const
bool start (int row, int col)
void start_push ()
int state (void) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_selection()

bool Fl_Terminal::Selection::get_selection ( int &  srow,
int &  scol,
int &  erow,
int &  ecol 
) const

Return selection start/end.

Ensures (start < end) to allow walking 'forward' thru selection, left-to-right, top-to-bottom.


  • true – valid selection values returned
  • false – no selection was made, returned values undefined

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