FLTK 1.4.0
Fl_Widget.H File Reference

Fl_Widget, Fl_Label classes . More...

#include "Enumerations.H"
#include "Fl.H"

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struct  Fl_Label
 This struct stores all information for a text or mixed graphics label. More...
class  Fl_Widget
 Fl_Widget is the base class for all widgets in FLTK. More...


#define FL_RESERVED_TYPE   100
 Reserved type numbers (necessary for my cheapo RTTI) start here. More...


typedef void() Fl_Callback(Fl_Widget *, void *)
 Default callback type definition for all fltk widgets (by far the most used)
typedef void() Fl_Callback0(Fl_Widget *)
 One parameter callback type definition passing only the widget.
typedef void() Fl_Callback1(Fl_Widget *, long)
 Callback type definition passing the widget and a long data value.
typedef Fl_CallbackFl_Callback_p
 Default callback type pointer definition for all fltk widgets.

Detailed Description

Fl_Widget, Fl_Label classes .

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#define FL_RESERVED_TYPE   100

Reserved type numbers (necessary for my cheapo RTTI) start here.

Grep the header files for "RESERVED_TYPE" to find the next available number.