FLTK 1.4.0
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1 //
2 // Main header file for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK).
3 //
4 // Copyright 1998-2023 by Bill Spitzak and others.
5 //
6 // This library is free software. Distribution and use rights are outlined in
7 // the file "COPYING" which should have been included with this file. If this
8 // file is missing or damaged, see the license at:
9 //
10 // https://www.fltk.org/COPYING.php
11 //
12 // Please see the following page on how to report bugs and issues:
13 //
14 // https://www.fltk.org/bugs.php
15 //
21 #ifndef Fl_H
22 # define Fl_H
24 #include <FL/fl_config.h> // build configuration
25 #include <FL/Fl_Export.H>
26 #include <FL/platform_types.h> // for FL_SOCKET
27 #include <FL/fl_casts.H> // experimental
30 # include <FL/Fl_Cairo.H>
31 #endif
33 # include "fl_utf8.h"
34 # include "Enumerations.H"
35 # ifndef Fl_Object
36 # define Fl_Object Fl_Widget
37 # endif
39 # ifdef check
40 # undef check
41 # endif
43 # ifdef BSD
44 # undef BSD
45 # endif
47 #include <string.h> // FIXME: Fl::is_scheme(): strcmp needs string.h
49 class Fl_Widget;
50 class Fl_Window;
51 class Fl_Image;
52 struct Fl_Label;
53 class Fl_Screen_Driver;
54 class Fl_System_Driver;
56 // Pointers you can use to change FLTK to another language.
57 // Note: Similar pointers are defined in FL/fl_ask.H and src/fl_ask.cxx
59 extern FL_EXPORT const char* fl_local_alt;
60 extern FL_EXPORT const char* fl_local_ctrl;
61 extern FL_EXPORT const char* fl_local_meta;
62 extern FL_EXPORT const char* fl_local_shift;
83 typedef void (Fl_Label_Draw_F)(const Fl_Label *label, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Align align);
86 typedef void (Fl_Label_Measure_F)(const Fl_Label *label, int &width, int &height);
89 typedef void (Fl_Box_Draw_F)(int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Color color);
94 typedef void (*Fl_Timeout_Handler)(void *data);
97 typedef void (*Fl_Awake_Handler)(void *data);
100 typedef void (*Fl_Idle_Handler)(void *data);
103 typedef void (*Fl_Old_Idle_Handler)();
106 typedef void (*Fl_FD_Handler)(FL_SOCKET fd, void *data);
109 typedef int (*Fl_Event_Handler)(int event);
112 typedef int (*Fl_System_Handler)(void *event, void *data);
115 typedef void (*Fl_Abort_Handler)(const char *format,...);
118 typedef void (*Fl_Atclose_Handler)(Fl_Window *window, void *data);
121 typedef int (*Fl_Args_Handler)(int argc, char **argv, int &i);
125 typedef int (*Fl_Event_Dispatch)(int event, Fl_Window *w);
128 typedef void (*Fl_Clipboard_Notify_Handler)(int source, void *data);
129  /* group callback_functions */
137 class FL_EXPORT Fl {
138  friend class Fl_System_Driver;
139  Fl() {} // no constructor!
141 private:
143  static int use_high_res_GL_;
144  static int draw_GL_text_with_textures_;
145  static int box_shadow_width_;
146  static int box_border_radius_max_;
147  static int selection_to_clipboard_;
149 public:
151  static Fl_Screen_Driver *screen_driver();
152  static Fl_System_Driver *system_driver();
153 #ifdef __APPLE__ // deprecated in 1.4 - only for compatibility with 1.3
154  static void reset_marked_text();
155  static void insertion_point_location(int x, int y, int height);
156 #endif
162  static int box_shadow_width() { return box_shadow_width_; }
167  static void box_shadow_width(int W) { box_shadow_width_ = W < 1 ? 1 : W; }
172  static int box_border_radius_max() { return box_border_radius_max_; }
185  static void box_border_radius_max(int R) { box_border_radius_max_ = R < 5 ? 5 : R; }
187 public: // should be private!
189 #ifndef FL_DOXYGEN
190  static int e_number;
191  static int e_x;
192  static int e_y;
193  static int e_x_root;
194  static int e_y_root;
195  static int e_dx;
196  static int e_dy;
197  static int e_state;
198  static int e_clicks;
199  static int e_is_click;
200  static int e_keysym;
201  static char* e_text;
202  static int e_length;
203  static void *e_clipboard_data;
204  static const char *e_clipboard_type;
205  static Fl_Event_Dispatch e_dispatch;
206  static Fl_Callback_Reason callback_reason_;
207  static Fl_Widget* belowmouse_;
208  static Fl_Widget* pushed_;
209  static Fl_Widget* focus_;
210  static int damage_;
211  static Fl_Widget* selection_owner_;
212  static Fl_Window* modal_;
213  static Fl_Window* grab_;
214  static int compose_state; // used for dead keys (Windows) or marked text (MacOS)
215  static void call_screen_init(); // recompute screen number and dimensions
216 #endif // FL_DOXYGEN
222  static void damage(int d) {damage_ = d;}
224 public:
231  typedef enum {
242  // When switched on, FLTK will use the file chooser dialog that comes
243  // with your operating system whenever possible. When switched off, FLTK
244  // will present its own file chooser.
245  // \todo implement me
247  // When Filechooser Preview is enabled, the FLTK or native file chooser
248  // will show a preview of a selected file (if possible) before the user
249  // decides to choose the file.
250  // \todo implement me
280  // don't change this, leave it always as the last element
283  } Fl_Option;
285 private:
286  static unsigned char options_[OPTION_LAST];
287  static unsigned char options_read_;
288  static int program_should_quit_; // non-zero means the program was asked to cleanly terminate
290 public:
291  /*
292  Return a global setting for all FLTK applications, possibly overridden
293  by a setting specifically for this application.
294  */
295  static bool option(Fl_Option opt);
297  /*
298  Override an option while the application is running.
299  */
300  static void option(Fl_Option opt, bool val);
309  static void (*idle)();
311 #ifndef FL_DOXYGEN
312 private:
313  static Fl_Awake_Handler *awake_ring_;
314  static void **awake_data_;
315  static int awake_ring_size_;
316  static int awake_ring_head_;
317  static int awake_ring_tail_;
318 public:
319  static const char* scheme_;
320  static Fl_Image* scheme_bg_;
322  static int e_original_keysym; // late addition
323  static int scrollbar_size_;
324  static int menu_linespacing_; // STR #2927
325 #endif
328  static int add_awake_handler_(Fl_Awake_Handler, void*);
329  static int get_awake_handler_(Fl_Awake_Handler&, void*&);
331 public:
333  // API version number
334  static double version();
335  static int api_version();
337  // ABI version number
338  static int abi_version();
362  static inline int abi_check(const int val = FL_ABI_VERSION) {
363  return val == abi_version();
364  }
366  // argument parsers:
367  static int arg(int argc, char **argv, int& i);
368  static int args(int argc, char **argv, int& i, Fl_Args_Handler cb = 0);
369  static void args(int argc, char **argv);
374  static const char* const help;
376  // things called by initialization:
377  static void display(const char*);
378  static int visual(int);
388  static int gl_visual(int, int *alist=0); // platform dependent
389  static void own_colormap();
390  static void get_system_colors();
391  static void foreground(uchar, uchar, uchar);
392  static void background(uchar, uchar, uchar);
393  static void background2(uchar, uchar, uchar);
395  // schemes:
396  static int scheme(const char *name);
398  static const char* scheme() {return scheme_;}
427  static int is_scheme(const char *name) {
428  return (scheme_ && name && !strcmp(name,scheme_));
429  }
431  static int reload_scheme(); // defined in 'src/Fl_get_system_colors.cxx'
433  static int scrollbar_size();
434  static void scrollbar_size(int W);
435  static int menu_linespacing();
436  static void menu_linespacing(int H);
438  // execution:
439  static int wait();
440  static double wait(double time);
441  static int check();
442  static int ready();
443  static int run();
450  static int program_should_quit() {return program_should_quit_;}
456  static void program_should_quit(int should_i) { program_should_quit_ = should_i; }
457  static void hide_all_windows();
459  static Fl_Widget* readqueue();
461  //
462  // cross-platform timer support
463  //
465  static void add_timeout(double t, Fl_Timeout_Handler cb, void *data = 0);
466  static void repeat_timeout(double t, Fl_Timeout_Handler cb, void *data = 0);
467  static int has_timeout(Fl_Timeout_Handler cb, void *data = 0);
468  static void remove_timeout(Fl_Timeout_Handler cb, void *data = 0);
470  static void add_check(Fl_Timeout_Handler, void* = 0);
471  static int has_check(Fl_Timeout_Handler, void* = 0);
472  static void remove_check(Fl_Timeout_Handler, void* = 0);
473  // private
474  static void run_idle();
475  static void run_checks();
476  static void add_fd(int fd, int when, Fl_FD_Handler cb, void* = 0); // platform dependent
477  static void add_fd(int fd, Fl_FD_Handler cb, void* = 0); // platform dependent
479  static void remove_fd(int, int when); // platform dependent
481  static void remove_fd(int); // platform dependent
483  static void add_idle(Fl_Idle_Handler cb, void* data = 0);
484  static int has_idle(Fl_Idle_Handler cb, void* data = 0);
485  static void remove_idle(Fl_Idle_Handler cb, void* data = 0);
487  static int damage() {return damage_;}
488  static void redraw();
489  static void flush();
510  static void (*warning)(const char*, ...);
525  static void (*error)(const char*, ...);
542  static void (*fatal)(const char*, ...);
548  static Fl_Window* first_window();
549  static void first_window(Fl_Window*);
550  static Fl_Window* next_window(const Fl_Window*);
561  static Fl_Window* modal() {return modal_;}
567  static Fl_Window* grab() {return grab_;}
592  static void grab(Fl_Window*); // platform dependent
599  // event information:
605  static int event() {return e_number;}
610  static int event_x() {return e_x;}
615  static int event_y() {return e_y;}
622  static int event_x_root() {return e_x_root;}
629  static int event_y_root() {return e_y_root;}
634  static int event_dx() {return e_dx;}
639  static int event_dy() {return e_dy;}
648  static void get_mouse(int &,int &);
657  static int event_clicks() {return e_clicks;}
665  static void event_clicks(int i) {e_clicks = i;}
673  static int event_is_click() {return e_is_click;}
680  static void event_is_click(int i) {e_is_click = i;}
690  static int event_button() {return e_keysym-FL_Button;}
716  static int event_state() {return e_state;}
723  static int event_state(int mask) {return e_state&mask;}
735  static int event_key() {return e_keysym;}
744  static int event_original_key(){return e_original_keysym;}
784  static int event_key(int key);
790  static int get_key(int key); // platform dependent
805  static const char* event_text() {return e_text;}
812  static int event_length() {return e_length;}
817  static void *event_clipboard() { return e_clipboard_data; }
821  static const char *event_clipboard_type() {return e_clipboard_type; }
824  static int compose(int &del);
825  static void compose_reset();
826  static int event_inside(int,int,int,int);
827  static int event_inside(const Fl_Widget*);
828  static int test_shortcut(Fl_Shortcut);
830  static void enable_im();
831  static void disable_im();
833  // event destinations:
834  static int handle(int, Fl_Window*);
835  static int handle_(int, Fl_Window*);
838  static Fl_Widget* belowmouse() {return belowmouse_;}
839  static void belowmouse(Fl_Widget*);
842  static Fl_Widget* pushed() {return pushed_;}
843  static void pushed(Fl_Widget*);
845  static Fl_Widget* focus() {return focus_;}
846  static void focus(Fl_Widget*);
847  static void add_handler(Fl_Event_Handler h);
848  static void remove_handler(Fl_Event_Handler h);
849  static void add_system_handler(Fl_System_Handler h, void *data);
850  static void remove_system_handler(Fl_System_Handler h);
851  static void event_dispatch(Fl_Event_Dispatch d);
852  static Fl_Event_Dispatch event_dispatch();
853  static Fl_Callback_Reason callback_reason();
859  // cut/paste:
915  static void copy(const char *stuff, int len, int destination = 0,
916  const char *type = Fl::clipboard_plain_text);
945  static void selection_to_clipboard(int mode) {
946  selection_to_clipboard_ = mode ? 1 : 0;
947  }
954  static int selection_to_clipboard() { return selection_to_clipboard_; }
998  static void paste(Fl_Widget &receiver, int source, const char *type = Fl::clipboard_plain_text);
1021  static void add_clipboard_notify(Fl_Clipboard_Notify_Handler h, void *data = 0);
1026  static void remove_clipboard_notify(Fl_Clipboard_Notify_Handler h);
1030  static int clipboard_contains(const char *type);
1033  static char const * const clipboard_plain_text;
1036  static char const * const clipboard_image;
1047  static int dnd(); // platform dependent
1049  // These are for back-compatibility only:
1052  static Fl_Widget* selection_owner() {return selection_owner_;}
1053  static void selection_owner(Fl_Widget*);
1054  static void selection(Fl_Widget &owner, const char*, int len);
1055  static void paste(Fl_Widget &receiver);
1075  static int x(); // via screen driver
1076  static int y(); // via screen driver
1077  static int w(); // via screen driver
1078  static int h(); // via screen driver
1080  // multi-head support:
1081  static int screen_count(); // via screen driver
1082  static void screen_xywh(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H); // via screen driver
1083  static void screen_xywh(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H, int mx, int my); // via screen driver
1084  static void screen_xywh(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H, int n); // via screen driver
1085  static void screen_xywh(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H, int mx, int my, int mw, int mh); // via screen driver
1086  static int screen_num(int x, int y); // via screen driver
1087  static int screen_num(int x, int y, int w, int h); // via screen driver
1088  static void screen_dpi(float &h, float &v, int n=0); // via screen driver
1089  static void screen_work_area(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H, int mx, int my); // via screen driver
1090  static void screen_work_area(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H, int n); // via screen driver
1091  static void screen_work_area(int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H); // via screen driver
1092  static float screen_scale(int n); // via screen driver
1093  static void screen_scale(int n, float factor); // via screen driver
1094  static int screen_scaling_supported();
1095  static void keyboard_screen_scaling(int value);
1105  // color map:
1106  static void set_color(Fl_Color, uchar, uchar, uchar);
1107  static void set_color(Fl_Color, uchar, uchar, uchar, uchar);
1112  static void set_color(Fl_Color i, unsigned c); // platform dependent
1113  static unsigned get_color(Fl_Color i);
1114  static void get_color(Fl_Color i, uchar &red, uchar &green, uchar &blue);
1115  static void get_color(Fl_Color i, uchar &red, uchar &green, uchar &blue, uchar &alpha);
1121  static void free_color(Fl_Color i, int overlay = 0); // platform dependent
1123  // fonts:
1124  static const char* get_font(Fl_Font);
1137  static const char* get_font_name(Fl_Font, int* attributes = 0);
1149  static int get_font_sizes(Fl_Font, int*& sizep);
1150  static void set_font(Fl_Font, const char*);
1151  static void set_font(Fl_Font, Fl_Font);
1170  static Fl_Font set_fonts(const char* = 0); // platform dependent
1178  // <Hack to re-order the 'Drawing functions' group>
1181  // labeltypes:
1182  static void set_labeltype(Fl_Labeltype,Fl_Label_Draw_F*,Fl_Label_Measure_F*);
1184  static void set_labeltype(Fl_Labeltype, Fl_Labeltype from); // is it defined ?
1186  // boxtypes:
1187  static Fl_Box_Draw_F *get_boxtype(Fl_Boxtype);
1188  static void set_boxtype(Fl_Boxtype, Fl_Box_Draw_F*,uchar,uchar,uchar,uchar);
1189  static void set_boxtype(Fl_Boxtype, Fl_Boxtype from);
1190  static int box_dx(Fl_Boxtype);
1191  static int box_dy(Fl_Boxtype);
1192  static int box_dw(Fl_Boxtype);
1193  static int box_dh(Fl_Boxtype);
1195  static int draw_box_active();
1196  static Fl_Color box_color(Fl_Color);
1197  static void set_box_color(Fl_Color);
1199  // back compatibility:
1203  static void set_abort(Fl_Abort_Handler f) {fatal = f;}
1204  static void (*atclose)(Fl_Window*,void*);
1205  static void default_atclose(Fl_Window*,void*);
1209  static void set_atclose(Fl_Atclose_Handler f) {atclose = f;}
1215  static int event_shift() {return e_state&FL_SHIFT;}
1217  static int event_ctrl() {return e_state&FL_CTRL;}
1219  static int event_command() {return e_state&FL_COMMAND;}
1221  static int event_alt() {return e_state&FL_ALT;}
1230  static int event_buttons() {return e_state&0x7f000000;}
1235  static int event_button1() {return e_state&FL_BUTTON1;}
1240  static int event_button2() {return e_state&FL_BUTTON2;}
1245  static int event_button3() {return e_state&FL_BUTTON3;}
1253  static void set_idle(Fl_Old_Idle_Handler cb) {idle = cb;}
1255  static void grab(Fl_Window& win) {grab(&win);}
1259  static void release() {grab(0);}
1261  // Visible focus methods...
1267  static void visible_focus(int v) { option(OPTION_VISIBLE_FOCUS, (v!=0)); }
1273  static int visible_focus() { return option(OPTION_VISIBLE_FOCUS); }
1275  // Drag-n-drop text operation methods...
1282  static void dnd_text_ops(int v) { option(OPTION_DND_TEXT, (v!=0)); }
1289  static int dnd_text_ops() { return option(OPTION_DND_TEXT); }
1294  // Multithreading support:
1295  static int lock();
1296  static void unlock();
1297  static void awake(void* message = 0);
1299  static int awake(Fl_Awake_Handler cb, void* message = 0);
1306  static void* thread_message(); // platform dependent
1338  // Widget deletion:
1339  static void delete_widget(Fl_Widget *w);
1340  static void do_widget_deletion();
1341  static void watch_widget_pointer(Fl_Widget *&w);
1342  static void release_widget_pointer(Fl_Widget *&w);
1343  static void clear_widget_pointer(Fl_Widget const *w);
1350  static void use_high_res_GL(int val) { use_high_res_GL_ = val; }
1356  static int use_high_res_GL() { return use_high_res_GL_; }
1369  static void draw_GL_text_with_textures(int val) { draw_GL_text_with_textures_ = val; }
1376  static int draw_GL_text_with_textures() { return draw_GL_text_with_textures_; }
1378  static int system(const char *command);
1380 #ifdef FLTK_HAVE_CAIRO
1384 public:
1385  // Cairo support API
1386  static cairo_t * cairo_make_current(Fl_Window* w);
1401  static void cairo_autolink_context(bool alink) {cairo_state_.autolink(alink);}
1409  static bool cairo_autolink_context() {return cairo_state_.autolink();}
1411  static cairo_t * cairo_cc() { return cairo_state_.cc(); }
1416  static void cairo_cc(cairo_t * c, bool own=false){ cairo_state_.cc(c, own); }
1418 private:
1419  static cairo_t * cairo_make_current(void* gc);
1420  static cairo_t * cairo_make_current(void* gc, int W, int H);
1421  static Fl_Cairo_State cairo_state_;
1422 public:
1425 #endif // FLTK_HAVE_CAIRO
1427 };
1471 class FL_EXPORT Fl_Widget_Tracker {
1473  Fl_Widget* wp_;
1475 public:
1478  ~Fl_Widget_Tracker();
1485  Fl_Widget *widget() {return wp_;}
1496  int deleted() {return wp_ == 0;}
1507  int exists() {return wp_ != 0;}
1509 };
1516 #endif // !Fl_H
This file contains type definitions and general enumerations.
#define FL_BUTTON2
Mouse button 2 is pushed.
Definition: Enumerations.H:579
#define FL_Button
A mouse button; use Fl_Button + n for mouse button n.
Definition: Enumerations.H:478
#define FL_CTRL
One of the ctrl keys is down.
Definition: Enumerations.H:570
int Fl_Font
A font number is an index into the internal font table.
Definition: Enumerations.H:1040
unsigned Fl_Align
FLTK type for alignment control.
Definition: Enumerations.H:963
#define FL_ALT
One of the alt keys is down.
Definition: Enumerations.H:571
The FLTK ABI (Application Binary Interface) version number as an int.
Definition: Enumerations.H:171
unsigned int Fl_Color
An FLTK color value; see also Colors
Definition: Enumerations.H:1097
#define FL_BUTTON3
Mouse button 3 is pushed.
Definition: Enumerations.H:580
#define FL_SHIFT
One of the shift keys is down.
Definition: Enumerations.H:568
The labeltype() method sets the type of the label.
Definition: Enumerations.H:812
FLTK standard box types.
Definition: Enumerations.H:627
These constants describe why a callback is performed.
Definition: Enumerations.H:446
#define FL_BUTTON1
Mouse button 1 is pushed.
Definition: Enumerations.H:578
FL_EXPORT const char * fl_local_meta
string pointer used in shortcuts, you can change it to another language
Definition: Fl.cxx:2245
FL_EXPORT const char * fl_local_shift
string pointer used in shortcuts, you can change it to another language
Definition: Fl.cxx:2244
FL_EXPORT const char * fl_local_ctrl
string pointer used in shortcuts, you can change it to another language
Definition: Fl.cxx:2247
FL_EXPORT const char * fl_local_alt
string pointer used in shortcuts, you can change it to another language
Definition: Fl.cxx:2246
Contains all the necessary info on the current cairo context.
Definition: Fl_Cairo.H:49
Base class for image caching, scaling and drawing.
Definition: Fl_Image.H:60
This class should be used to control safe widget deletion.
Definition: Fl.H:1471
int exists()
Returns 1, if the watched widget exists (has not been deleted).
Definition: Fl.H:1507
int deleted()
Returns 1, if the watched widget has been deleted.
Definition: Fl.H:1496
Fl_Widget * widget()
Returns a pointer to the watched widget.
Definition: Fl.H:1485
Fl_Widget is the base class for all widgets in FLTK.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:85
This widget produces an actual window.
Definition: Fl_Window.H:55
The Fl is the FLTK global (static) class containing state information and global methods for the curr...
Definition: Fl.H:137
static int is_scheme(const char *name)
Returns whether the current scheme is the given name.
Definition: Fl.H:427
static int draw_GL_text_with_textures()
returns whether whether OpenGL uses textures to draw all text.
Definition: Fl.H:1376
static int program_should_quit()
Returns non-zero when a request for program termination was received and accepted.
Definition: Fl.H:450
static void use_high_res_GL(int val)
sets whether GL windows should be drawn at high resolution on Apple computers with retina displays
Definition: Fl.H:1350
static int box_border_radius_max()
Get the maximum border radius of all "rounded" boxtypes in pixels.
Definition: Fl.H:172
When switched on (default), Fl_Native_File_Chooser runs GTK file dialogs if the GTK library is availa...
Definition: Fl.H:268
Meaningful for the Wayland/X11 platform only.
Definition: Fl.H:279
If text drag-and-drop is enabled (default), the user can select and drag text from any text widget.
Definition: Fl.H:260
When switched on (default), Fl_Printer runs the GTK printer dialog if the GTK library is available on...
Definition: Fl.H:272
When switched on (default), the library shows in a transient yellow window the zoom factor value.
Definition: Fl.H:276
If visible focus is switched on (default), FLTK will draw a dotted rectangle inside the widget that w...
Definition: Fl.H:256
If tooltips are enabled (default), hovering the mouse over a widget with a tooltip text will open a l...
Definition: Fl.H:264
static void damage(int d)
If true then flush() will do something.
Definition: Fl.H:222
static const char * scheme()
See void scheme(const char *name)
Definition: Fl.H:398
static int box_shadow_width()
Get the box shadow width of all "shadow" boxtypes in pixels.
Definition: Fl.H:162
static void dnd_text_ops(int v)
Sets whether drag and drop text operations are supported.
Definition: Fl.H:1282
static const char *const help
Usage string displayed if Fl::args() detects an invalid argument.
Definition: Fl.H:374
static void box_border_radius_max(int R)
Set the maximum border radius of all "rounded" boxtypes in pixels.
Definition: Fl.H:185
static void release()
Releases the current grabbed window, equals grab(0).
Definition: Fl.H:1259
static void set_idle(Fl_Old_Idle_Handler cb)
Sets an idle callback.
Definition: Fl.H:1253
static int gl_visual(int, int *alist=0)
This does the same thing as Fl::visual(int) but also requires OpenGL drawing to work.
static void program_should_quit(int should_i)
Indicate to the FLTK library whether a program termination request was received and accepted.
Definition: Fl.H:456
static int use_high_res_GL()
returns whether GL windows should be drawn at high resolution on Apple computers with retina displays...
Definition: Fl.H:1356
static void draw_GL_text_with_textures(int val)
sets whether OpenGL uses textures to draw all text.
Definition: Fl.H:1369
static int dnd_text_ops()
Gets whether drag and drop text operations are supported.
Definition: Fl.H:1289
static void grab(Fl_Window &win)
See grab(Fl_Window*)
Definition: Fl.H:1255
static int damage()
If true then flush() will do something.
Definition: Fl.H:487
static void box_shadow_width(int W)
Set the box shadow width of all "shadow" boxtypes in pixels.
Definition: Fl.H:167
static void set_labeltype(Fl_Labeltype, Fl_Labeltype from)
Sets the functions to call to draw and measure a specific labeltype.
static void visible_focus(int v)
Gets or sets the visible keyboard focus on buttons and other non-text widgets.
Definition: Fl.H:1267
static int visible_focus()
Gets or sets the visible keyboard focus on buttons and other non-text widgets.
Definition: Fl.H:1273
static int abi_check(const int val=FL_ABI_VERSION)
Returns whether the runtime library ABI version is correct.
Definition: Fl.H:362
unsigned int Fl_Shortcut
16-bit Unicode character + 8-bit indicator for keyboard flags.
Definition: fl_types.h:55
unsigned char uchar
unsigned char
Definition: fl_types.h:30
header for Unicode and UTF-8 character handling
int(* Fl_System_Handler)(void *event, void *data)
Signature of add_system_handler functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:112
void(* Fl_Timeout_Handler)(void *data)
Signature of timeout callback functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:94
int(* Fl_Event_Handler)(int event)
Signature of add_handler functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:109
void(* Fl_Old_Idle_Handler)()
Signature of set_idle callback functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:103
void(* Fl_Awake_Handler)(void *data)
Signature of some wakeup callback functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:97
void(* Fl_FD_Handler)(FL_SOCKET fd, void *data)
Signature of add_fd functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:106
int(* Fl_Event_Dispatch)(int event, Fl_Window *w)
Signature of event_dispatch functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:125
void() Fl_Label_Draw_F(const Fl_Label *label, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Align align)
Signature of some label drawing functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:83
int(* Fl_Args_Handler)(int argc, char **argv, int &i)
Signature of args functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:121
void() Fl_Label_Measure_F(const Fl_Label *label, int &width, int &height)
Signature of some label measurement functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:86
void(* Fl_Abort_Handler)(const char *format,...)
Signature of set_abort functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:115
void(* Fl_Atclose_Handler)(Fl_Window *window, void *data)
Signature of set_atclose functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:118
void(* Fl_Idle_Handler)(void *data)
Signature of add_idle callback functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:100
void() Fl_Box_Draw_F(int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Color color)
Signature of some box drawing functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:89
void(* Fl_Clipboard_Notify_Handler)(int source, void *data)
Signature of add_clipboard_notify functions passed as parameters.
Definition: Fl.H:128
static char const *const clipboard_image
Denotes image data.
Definition: Fl.H:1036
static int selection_to_clipboard()
Returns the current selection_to_clipboard mode.
Definition: Fl.H:954
static char const *const clipboard_plain_text
Denotes plain textual data.
Definition: Fl.H:1033
static Fl_Widget * selection_owner()
back-compatibility only: Gets the widget owning the current selection
Definition: Fl.H:1052
static void selection_to_clipboard(int mode)
Copies selections on X11 directly to the clipboard if enabled.
Definition: Fl.H:945
static void event_clicks(int i)
Manually sets the number returned by Fl::event_clicks().
Definition: Fl.H:665
static void event_is_click(int i)
Clears the value returned by Fl::event_is_click().
Definition: Fl.H:680
static int event_y()
Returns the mouse position of the event relative to the Fl_Window it was passed to.
Definition: Fl.H:615
static int event_key()
Gets which key on the keyboard was last pushed.
Definition: Fl.H:735
static int event_alt()
Returns non-zero if the Alt key is pressed.
Definition: Fl.H:1221
static int event_length()
Returns the length of the text in Fl::event_text().
Definition: Fl.H:812
static int event_state(int mask)
Returns non-zero if any of the passed event state bits are turned on.
Definition: Fl.H:723
static int event_dy()
Returns the current vertical mouse scrolling associated with the FL_MOUSEWHEEL event.
Definition: Fl.H:639
static const char * event_clipboard_type()
Returns the type of the pasted data during an FL_PASTE event.
Definition: Fl.H:821
static int event_x_root()
Returns the mouse position on the screen of the event.
Definition: Fl.H:622
static void * event_clipboard()
During an FL_PASTE event of non-textual data, returns a pointer to the pasted data.
Definition: Fl.H:817
static Fl_Widget * belowmouse()
Gets the widget that is below the mouse.
Definition: Fl.H:838
static const char * event_text()
Returns the text associated with the current event, including FL_PASTE or FL_DND_RELEASE events.
Definition: Fl.H:805
static int event_button1()
Returns non-zero if mouse button 1 is currently held down.
Definition: Fl.H:1235
static int event_button3()
Returns non-zero if button 3 is currently held down.
Definition: Fl.H:1245
static int event_command()
Returns non-zero if the FL_COMMAND key is pressed, either FL_CTRL or on OSX FL_META.
Definition: Fl.H:1219
static int event_button()
Gets which particular mouse button caused the current event.
Definition: Fl.H:690
static Fl_Widget * focus()
Gets the current Fl::focus() widget.
Definition: Fl.H:845
static int event_x()
Returns the mouse position of the event relative to the Fl_Window it was passed to.
Definition: Fl.H:610
static int event_y_root()
Returns the mouse position on the screen of the event.
Definition: Fl.H:629
static int event_shift()
Returns non-zero if the Shift key is pressed.
Definition: Fl.H:1215
static int event()
Returns the last event that was processed.
Definition: Fl.H:605
static int event_ctrl()
Returns non-zero if the Control key is pressed.
Definition: Fl.H:1217
static int event_button2()
Returns non-zero if button 2 is currently held down.
Definition: Fl.H:1240
static Fl_Widget * pushed()
Gets the widget that is being pushed.
Definition: Fl.H:842
static int event_dx()
Returns the current horizontal mouse scrolling associated with the FL_MOUSEWHEEL event.
Definition: Fl.H:634
static int event_original_key()
Returns the keycode of the last key event, regardless of the NumLock state.
Definition: Fl.H:744
static int event_is_click()
Returns non-zero if the mouse has not moved far enough and not enough time has passed since the last ...
Definition: Fl.H:673
static int event_buttons()
Returns the mouse buttons state bits; if non-zero, then at least one button is pressed now.
Definition: Fl.H:1230
static int event_state()
Returns the keyboard and mouse button states of the last event.
Definition: Fl.H:716
static int event_clicks()
Returns non zero if we had a double click event.
Definition: Fl.H:657
static Fl_Window * grab()
Returns the window that currently receives all events.
Definition: Fl.H:567
static void set_abort(Fl_Abort_Handler f)
For back compatibility, sets the void Fl::fatal handler callback.
Definition: Fl.H:1203
static Fl_Window * modal()
Returns the top-most modal() window currently shown.
Definition: Fl.H:561
static void set_atclose(Fl_Atclose_Handler f)
For back compatibility, sets the Fl::atclose handler callback.
Definition: Fl.H:1209
static void cairo_cc(cairo_t *c, bool own=false)
Sets the current cairo context to c.
Definition: Fl.H:1416
static cairo_t * cairo_cc()
Gets the current cairo context linked with a fltk window.
Definition: Fl.H:1411
static bool cairo_autolink_context()
Gets the current autolink mode for cairo support.
Definition: Fl.H:1409
static void cairo_autolink_context(bool alink)
when FLTK_HAVE_CAIRO is defined and cairo_autolink_context() is true, any current window dc is linked...
Definition: Fl.H:1401
Definitions of platform-dependent types.
#define FL_COMMAND
An alias for FL_CTRL on Windows and X11, or FL_META on MacOS X.
Definition: platform_types.h:65
opaque FL_SOCKET
socket or file descriptor
Definition: platform_types.h:54
This struct stores all information for a text or mixed graphics label.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:48