STR #3347

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STR #3347

Application:FLTK Library
Status:1 - Closed w/Resolution
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Image Support
Summary:prefixing embedded jpeg/png/zlib symbols
Created By:djcj
Assigned To:AlbrechtS
Fix Version:1.4.0
Fix Commit:796a9bf23e63dfc6834b9fd04c10c8c27f894941
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Trouble Report Files:

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#1 djcj
23:54 Nov 01, 2016
#2 djcj
08:53 Mar 21, 2017
#3 djcj
08:53 Mar 21, 2017
#4 djcj
08:53 Mar 21, 2017
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Trouble Report Comments:

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#1 djcj
23:54 Nov 01, 2016
Is it possible to prefix the symbols of the jpeg/png/zlib libraries when the build was configured to not use the system libraries?
Because I had some issues with the native file chooser, because the png library version used by the system Gtk libraries differed.
And linking against shared png library might be problematic too, if I want a program to be portable.

You can prefix the libpng symbols with "cmake -DPNG_PREFIX=yourprefixhere_"

Patches for jpeg and zlib are attached.
#2 djcj
08:56 Mar 21, 2017
I've added new patches for libpng, jpeg and zlib (for newer versions).
Use `nm --extern-only --defined-only libfltk_<jpeg/png/z>.a` to check if the prefixes were set correctly.
#3 AlbrechtS
10:30 Mar 02, 2019
Closed on request by the OP after some discussions in fltk.general.

See thread "Fl_Native_File_Chooser() crash with FLTK 1.4" and particularly this post:
#4 AlbrechtS
04:28 Nov 16, 2021
Fixed in Git repository.

FTR: After recent issues caused by incompatible Xft and image libraries
we decided to prefix the bundled image libs with 'fltk_' to avoid
conflicts. References:

- STR 3347: prefixing embedded jpeg/png/zlib symbols

- STR 3514: Bundled image libs on Linux are incompatible with Xft

- GitHub Issue #232: [fltk 1.4.x/Linux] application invoking native
  filechooser crashes under linux if fltk built with --enable-localpng

- GitHub Issue #289: Printing without and with GTK

- GitHub PR #292: Prefix bundled libs

- Git merge commit: 796a9bf23e63dfc6834b9fd04c10c8c27f894941

@djcj/darealshinji: Thanks for the patches, particularly jpeg-9b.patch.
  I used it in a modified form.
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