STR #2728

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STR #2728

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Test Framework
Summary:Add test program to test for shadowed variables (-Wshadow)
Created By:greg.ercolano
Assigned To:greg.ercolano
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 greg.ercolano
23:38 Nov 12, 2011
#2 greg.ercolano
23:45 Nov 12, 2011
#3 greg.ercolano
13:06 May 11, 2013
#4 greg.ercolano
13:21 May 11, 2013
#5 greg.ercolano
16:21 May 11, 2013
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#1 greg.ercolano
09:13 Oct 04, 2011
To test for problems with variable shadowing (for apps that compile against FLTK with e.g. -Wshadow), we could make one test program
that #include's all fltk widgets, instancing them once, and have just
that test program compile with -Wshadow (or equivalent depending on the compiler)

This way future builds will show any shadow errors in our .H's as part of the build.
#2 greg.ercolano
23:44 Nov 12, 2011
Attached a test/Makefile (shadow-variables-test-program.patch) patch to generate the shadow_variables.cxx automatically, based on all the include'able FL/*.H files, with some exceptions.

By automatically generating the shadow variable test program, devs don't have to modify the test program every time a new #include file is added. However, this patch uses a one-liner perl script to generate the file, also creating perhaps an unwanted dependence on perl.

Will follow up with an attachment of the 'generated' shadow-variables.cxx file, just to show what it should look like. I suppose the alternative to the above automated approach is to check in this .cxx file, and have devs add all new .H files to it.

The goal here is to have a build of FLTK fail if there are any shadowing variables in any of our .H files.
#3 greg.ercolano
13:05 May 11, 2013
Attaching a patch (Makefile.patch) for test/Makefile
that implements the shadow variable test.

The Makefile target generates the program's source code on the fly
based on the current headers in FL, and compiles it with the -wshadow
flag (if the local $CXX compiler is g++. If not, the test is skipped).
So if there are any shadow conflicts, the build stops with the error.

I don't want to check this in yet, as we currently still have
shadow variable errors; see recent follow up in STR #2714.

Suggest fixing that before checking this in.
#4 greg.ercolano
13:21 May 11, 2013
Attaching small revision: Makefile-v2.patch.

Added '-' to ensure compiler doesn't stop the build process.
Also, small mods to the Makefile comments.
#5 AlbrechtS
14:23 May 11, 2013
Index: test/Makefile
--- test/Makefile (revision 9864)
+++ test/Makefile (working copy)
@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@
         resize.cxx \
         rotated_text.cxx \
         scroll.cxx \
+ shadow_varaibles.cxx \

should read .. shadow_variables.cxx
#6 greg.ercolano
16:21 May 11, 2013
Thanks Albrecht; fixed in Makefile-v3.patch.

Also in v3, converted the perl commands to awk,
because perl is not standard in unix, whereas awk is.

Tested on Mac and linux, but not yet with windows mingw/msys suite..
#7 greg.ercolano
16:36 Oct 27, 2014
The fact this RFE has not been implemented yet
should not hold up a 1.3.3 release.
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