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STR #2692

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STR #2692

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:right justify option for scroll window
Created By:TeXJunky
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 TeXJunky
11:14 Oct 04, 2011

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#1 TeXJunky
10:01 Aug 01, 2011
i have a scroll window that displays a horizontally packed group.
the user appends widgets to the group at runtime. it would really be nice
if there was an option for right justifying the group in the scroll
window. this would make the last added widget automatically visible.
#2 matt
13:48 Sep 28, 2011
For this to work, Fl_Pack::draw() needs to be separated into a layout() function that recalculates all chidden, and a draw() function that only draws. You could then add your widget, call layout, and adjust the scroll group according to the Fl_Pack width.  
#3 TeXJunky
13:57 Sep 28, 2011
thanks very much. i will need to stretch my knowledge of fltk to implement this, but i will give it a go. i'll let you know!  
#4 matt
14:11 Sep 28, 2011
I'll get to it eventually if you feel that this is too difficult. The function is quite a worm.  
#5 matt
09:36 Oct 01, 2011
TeXJunky: this fix will require some changes in the inner core that I am not comfortable to do for 1.3.1 or 1.3.2. I am upping this to 1.4 for now. We will need to discuss this change after 1.3.2 .  
#6 TeXJunky
11:22 Oct 04, 2011
thanks for taking a look at this. i posted a file that gives a minimal framework for testing the feature. actually, i have achieved almost what i need using scroll_to and w() functions. it appears that the w() functions get updated sometime later, so my effort is a bit klutzy.  

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