STR #2041

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STR #2041

Application:FLTK Library
Status:4 - Pending
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Addition of a FL_TOOLTIP event (PoC)
Created By:alvin
Assigned To:AlbrechtS
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 alvin
11:12 Sep 11, 2008
#2 alvin
12:55 Sep 11, 2008
#3 alvin
12:55 Sep 11, 2008
#4 alvin
13:20 Sep 11, 2008
#5 alvin
13:20 Sep 11, 2008
#6 alvin
16:17 Sep 11, 2008
#7 alvin
02:12 Sep 12, 2008
FL_TOOLTIP-always fired.patch
#8 alvin
02:12 Sep 12, 2008
SmartChoiceTest-always fired.tar.gz
#9 AlbrechtS
07:23 Sep 12, 2008
#10 alvin
08:04 Sep 12, 2008
#11 alvin
08:05 Sep 12, 2008
#12 alvin
02:48 Sep 18, 2008
#13 alvin
07:41 Sep 22, 2008
#14 alvin
07:48 Oct 14, 2008
#15 alvin
16:10 Jan 05, 2009
#16 alvin
04:25 Aug 11, 2009
#17 alvin
05:32 Mar 10, 2010
#18 alvin
06:23 Oct 31, 2011
#19 alvin
05:27 Mar 29, 2012
#20 alvin
17:36 Jul 31, 2014
#21 alvin
08:12 Aug 27, 2015
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#1 alvin
11:12 Sep 11, 2008
Resulting from my previous STR #2040 <> I propose the following Proof-of-Concept) patch.

This patch adds a FL_TOOLTIP event. The FL_TOOLTIP is sent, to the current widget, just prior to displaying a tooltip. If Fl_Tooltip::current()->handle(FL_TOOLTIP) returns 1, then the widget has 'used' the event. Therefore, the text use for the tooltip (i.e. tip in the source) will be updated.

I am also including an example. The example may not be the best one since the widget (Fl_Smart_Choice) does not have a tooltip to start with. In this case, the tooltip is simply a space. Regardless, as the items are selected, you can see the tooltip being dynamically altered (if the selected item's text is longer than the width of the widget).

To compile: fltk-config --compile smartchoice.cpp
#2 alvin
13:24 Sep 11, 2008
Well, it looks like I forgot to upload the patch! :)

That's ok, I like FL_TOOLTIP-v3.patch better. The patch results in the addition of a FL_TOOLTIP event and an addition statement. That's it. 2 whole lines to get the FL_TOOPTIP event :)

Basically, as long as the widget's tooltip is set to something, at the very least the empty string, it will receive the FL_TOOLTIP event. If the tooltip is null (as in tooltip(0)) the event will not be passed to the widget.

I have updated the example program (SmartChoiceTest-v4.tar.gz).

In the ctor for Fl_Smart_Choice the tooltip is set to the empty string. When the mouse enters the widget (and only that widget) the FL_TOOLTIP event will be past to the widget. That's where the widget decides if it needs a tooltip or not.

The example also has two other buttons. One button has a tooltip set the normal way. The other button has no tooltip.

Hopefully, this will be that last update patch on my end.

How does the patch look? Any side effects that I may have missed/introduced?
#3 alvin
13:25 Sep 11, 2008
In case I wasn't clear, SmartChoiceTest-v4.tar.gz should be used to test FL_TOOLTIP-v3.patch.

It would be easier if posted files could be deleted by the submitted of the file :)
#4 AlbrechtS
15:37 Sep 11, 2008
I didn't do any testing, but looking at FL_TOOLTIP-v3.patch, i see some problems:

(1) there are some curly braces {} missing. This:

     if (tw == widget_) return;
-    if (tw->tooltip()) break;
+    if (tw->tooltip()) tw->handle(FL_TOOLTIP); break;

should read:

     if (tw == widget_) return;
-    if (tw->tooltip()) break;
+    if (tw->tooltip()) { tw->handle(FL_TOOLTIP); break; }

otherwise the break statement would always terminate the for loop.

(2) However, I think that this wouldn't do what was intended: give the widget a chance to update its tooltip, before displaying the tooltip. Thus, I think it should be:

     if (tw == widget_) return;
+    tw->handle(FL_TOOLTIP);  // ask the widget to update its tooltip
     if (tw->tooltip()) break;

Note 1: We can't rely on a widget returning 1 from handle(FL_TOOLTIP), because the majority of widgets wouldn't know about FL_TOOLTIP at all (or wouldn't want to _change_ their tooltips) and would return 0.

Note 2: The widget must get the FL_TOOLTIP event, even if it doesn't have a tooltip yet (tw->tooltip() == NULL). Otherwise a widget would never get a chance to set its tooltip for the first time. Unless we want to enable the widget only to _change_ its tooltip - i.e. it must have a tooltip to get FL_TOOLTIP events.

(3) There is at least one other place in the code to consider, a similar search for the tooltip to display in Fl_Tooltip::current().

Other than this, I think that this would improve FLTK's tooltip handling. Still to be tested.
#5 alvin
16:23 Sep 11, 2008
I posted FL_TOOLTIP-v4.patch which includes the bug fix found by Albrecht Schlosser.

The last posted example still valid for testing.

Here is how I see the feature working (copied from one of my posts in the newsgroup discussing this STR):

  // So, at this point, we know the widget has a tooltip and it's pointed to by Fl_Tooltip::tip.
  // FL_TOOLTIP is sent to tell the widget we are about to draw it's tooltip.
  // If the widget returns 0, then the widget doesn't care and the tooltip is handle as before.
  // If the widget returns 1, then the widget used the event, therefore we need to
  // update the pointer we will be using for rendering the tooltip.
  // If the widget sets the tooltip to the empty string, no tooltip will be drawn (like before).
  // The widget will continue to receive the FL_TOOLTIP in the future.
  // If the widget sets the tooltip to null (0), then it will never receive this
  // event again - thus making its tooltip static.

Is this the desired functionality of FL_TOOLTIP or am I mistaken?
#6 AlbrechtS
00:08 Sep 12, 2008
I understand your idea, not to send the FL_TOOLTIP event to widgets with the NULL tooltip, and this would be one possible solution.

However, I have always had a (small) problem with this tooltip inheritance from parent widgets to child widget. It is documented in [1] with this additional note: "To avoid this behavior, you can set the child's tooltip to an empty string ("")."

Therefore, here is my proposal to extend the tooltip functionality in a logical (and compatible) way with this new FL_TOOLTIP event:

If a widget returns 1 from FL_TOOLTIP, this means that its tooltip should be used, no matter if it's empty (no tooltip, the NULL pointer) or not. Old widgets or widgets that don't "know" FL_TOOLTIP would return 0 and get the old behavior. With this feature, a widget could decide most flexible, if it wants to show no tooltip at all, an own tooltip, or a parent's tooltip.

For this to work, we would have to send the FL_TOOLTIP event also to widgets that have the NULL tooltip.
#8 AlbrechtS
00:22 Sep 12, 2008
Sorry, I forgot the documentation link:

#9 alvin
02:25 Sep 12, 2008
I have attached FL_TOOLTIP-always fired.patch along with an example SmartChoiceTest-always fired.tar.gz.

This patch is very similar to v4 of the patch except that the FL_TOOLTIP event is sent to the widget _before_ checking if the widget has a tooltip.

My initial idea/understanding for the FL_TOOLTIP event was to sent it to a widget even if it has a tooltip or not. However, the result was not what I expected. I thought the event would be sent to the widget under the cursor. That is not the case. It turns out the FL_TOOLTIP event is sent to every widget regardless of the location of the cursor.

For example, apply this patch and run the example. When the cursor is over the text area, the Fl_Smart_Choice receives the FL_TOOLTIP event (printf statement to stdout) even though the cursor is no where near it.

I think the cause of this has to do how/when Fl_Tooltip::enter_() is called (I think in Fl.cxx). I didn't look into this further since I assumed that the excessive, irrelevant FL_TOOLTIP events would be undesirable (much like how excessive, unwarranted FL_MOVE events are undesirable).

At this point, I recommend FL_TOOLTIP-v4.patch. However, guidance/comments/suggestion would be much appreciated.
#10 AlbrechtS
03:22 Sep 12, 2008
My guess (wrt sending FL_TOOLTIP events around to all widgets) would be that it has to do with FLTK's intent to deliver every event to at least one widget, but I can't do anymore right now (lack of time).

If all widgets in the widget's parent() chain return 0 on the FL_TOOLTIP event, then FLTK (maybe Fl_Group::handle()) tries to send it to every widget in the group (recursive) - i.e. finally to all widgets in the window. Maybe the same as with FL_MOVE events.
#11 matt
04:11 Sep 12, 2008
Phew, a lot of messages going back and forth here ;-)

This is my take:

- tooltip events are very rare. they must only be sent right before the tooltip would actually pop up (usually after the timer expires). I see no problem in sending a TOOLTIP event even if the ttoltip itself is set to NULL.

- when the handle() returns and a tooltip is set, we display it and are done (if the tooltip is "", we are done without displaying it)
- if handle() returns 1 and no tooltip is set, we are done (no tooltip rendered)
- if handle() return 0 and tooltip is NULL, we continue to call hande(TOOLTIP) on the parent until the parent is NULL (or any of the previous conditions)

That way, we should work transparently for existing widgets, but keep the tooltip inheritance feature.

My example for active tooltips is a function curve editor where hovering the mouse over a curve would pop up a tooltip with the coordinates of the curve at the mouse position. Very useful.
#12 alvin
06:01 Sep 12, 2008
Sounds good to me.

So far, FL_TOOLTIP-v4.patch does all but sending the FL_TOOLTIP to widget's with NULL tooltips. So that's 3 out of 4 of the criteria.

I will update the patch to do the first criteria (NULL tooltips). The FL_TOOLTIP-always fired.patch does this but I am not completely happy with it. What that patch shows on stdout is that the Fl_Smart_Choice widget receives the FL_TOOLTIP event even though the cursor is not on it; it is on the Fl_Box with the text. I think this can be solved.
#13 AlbrechtS
07:32 Sep 12, 2008
Alvin, could you please try this short patch for Fl_Group:

If my assumption WRT FL_TOOLTIP event handling is correct, then this should solve the problem that unrelated widgets get FL_TOOLTIP events. Or maybe not - it's untested.
#14 alvin
08:13 Sep 12, 2008
Ok, I think Albrecht and I have this solved.

FL_TOOLTIP-v5.patch should satisfy all 4 criteria posted by Matthias.

Basically the patch is a merge of "FL_TOOLTIP-always fired.patch" and FL_Group_FL_TOOLTIP.patch. I added some documentation where the FL_TOOLTIP event is fired.

I have also documented the FL_TOOLTIP enum in Enumerations.H.

The new test app, FL_TOOLTIP_test-v5.tar.gz, hopefully covers most (all?) the cases.

Note 1. The dynamic tooltip for MyGroup widget is that the current time is put into the tooltip. ctime_r() is used, and I do not know if locale is taken into consideration. I just used it cause it returned gives a char* :)

Note 2. The ctor for Fl_Smart_Choice no longer sets the tooltip to anything. Therefore, by default, it should be null.

I don't think it matters too much, but the patch was created against r6190 (the last 1.3 cvs snapshot).
#15 alvin
02:49 Sep 18, 2008
I have posted a patch for FL/names.h to include FL_TOOLTIP in the fl_eventnames array.

I have been using FL_TOOLTOP-v5.patch for almost a week now without any problems.
#16 AlbrechtS
16:53 Sep 18, 2008
Thanks for adding this. I'll have another look at your patch shortly.  
#17 AlbrechtS
01:32 Sep 19, 2008
I added a svn branch for testing and commited the patches. Not yet tested.

#18 alvin
07:42 Sep 22, 2008
I have posted an updated patch that applies cleanly to 1.1.x-r6305.

FL_TOOLTIP-v6.patch is a combined patch that includes the changes needed to FL/Enumerations.H, FL/names.h, src/Fl_Tooltip.cxx and src/Fl_Group.cxx.
#19 alvin
07:49 Oct 14, 2008
I have updated the patch to v7 (str2041-v7.patch). This applies cleanly to 1.3 r6427. As before, this patch changes names.H, Enumeration.H, Fl_Group.cxx and Fl_Tooltip.cxx.  
#20 AlbrechtS
10:12 Oct 14, 2008
Alvin, thanks for updating the patch again. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to do some more testing.

I'm now working on a modified patch that sends the FL_TOOLTIP event when the tooltip timeout expires, as Matthias suggested, but the main problem is to stay compatible with Fl_Tooltip::enter_area(). This can set an *alternate* tooltip without modifying the widget's own tooltip().

I'll post an update, when I have a working and compatible new patch.
#21 alvin
16:11 Jan 05, 2009
Updated patch: str2041-v8.patch

Patch applies cleanly to 1.3.x r6622
#22 alvin
04:26 Aug 11, 2009
Uploaded patch that compiles against SVN rev 6841  
#23 alvin
05:32 Mar 10, 2010
Posted an updated patch that can be applied to (at the time) latest svn (rev 7235)  
#24 alvin
06:23 Oct 31, 2011
Posted update patch file for svn revision 9162.  
#25 alvin
05:28 Mar 29, 2012
Updated patch to r9310. Cheers.  
#26 alvin
17:43 Jul 31, 2014
Attached is a patch (str2041-r9750.patch) that adds the FL_TOOLTIP event type. I have been applying this patch since 2008 and I have found it very useful. Off the top of my head, I can think of two use cases:

1. Custom widgets that derive from Fl_Slider. The current value is displayed in the tooltip. It doesn't appear all the time, but I use it to inspect the current value.

2. Custom widgets that display a label that is truncated (e.g. "The quick brown fox..."). When the FL_TOOLTIP event is received, the custom widget displays the full label (e.g. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.").

Despite its filename, the patch applies cleanly to FLTK 1.3.x SVN r10223.
#27 alvin
08:14 Aug 27, 2015
Uploaded new patch for SVN r10844.

This does replace FL_EVENT_27 with the FL_TOOLTIP event.
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