Re: [fltk.general] Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows

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Re: Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows Albrecht Schlosser 13:15 Sep 19 top right image
On 9/19/20 8:57 PM Theodore wrote:

I chose the "configure" path because I was thinking to use Make instead of CMake, I have the impression that it's a simpler tool for simpler projects.
But if you say that CMake is the future... then I have to think again...

Greg replied already and I second everything he wrote.

Just to clarify things: CMake is not a replacement for make. Despite its similar name it's a replacement for configure. You have two choices to build FLTK:

1) ./configure ; make

2) mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. ; make

This is a little simplified because configure can only provide the build configuration to be used by make with existing and rather complicated Makefile's. And configure (autotools, autogen, automake) itself is ... even more complicated.

CMake however creates entire different BUILD SYSTEMs to be used in the second step from much easier to grok descriptions (CMakeLists.txt). So you can use either make, ninja, Visual Studio, Xcode (on macOS) or many other IDE's as your development environment.

The FLTK team provides you with both configure and CMake files so you can easily choose whatever you like.

However, if you want to build your own project(s), maybe on different platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux/Unix) and you're just starting development, then CMake should be your choice. Creating a cross-platform CMakeLists.txt is much easier than using autotools (configure) and writing Makefiles.

Side note: there are other similar build system generator tools like CMake available as well, but CMake seems to be the most popular one these days.

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