Re: [fltk.general] Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows

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Re: Installing FLTK with Mingw in Windows Greg Ercolano 12:06 Sep 19 top right image
On 2020-09-19 11:57, Theodore wrote:
> Thanks Greg!
> Indeed I took the idea of a build subfolder from another reply of yours.
> I chose the "configure" path because I was thinking to use Make instead of CMake, I have the impression that it's a simpler tool for simpler projects.
> But if you say that CMake is the future... then I have to think again...

	Ya, the reason it's the way of the future is configure doesn't help with creating
	Visual Studio IDE files (a large Windows audience uses Visual Studio, the 'native'
	compiler for windows from Microsoft), ditto for Xcode. 'cmake' does help with that.

	cmake also lets us generate all the build data in a sub directory, which allows
	a single FLTK directory to be used to build for multiple platforms. This is useful
	if you have a network drive, e.g. /net/fltk-1.4.x/, and that drive is seen by
	Windows, Linux, and MacOS machines, and you want to build FLTK on all those machines
	using that one directory:

		o With 'configure' it would just overwrite everything for each platform build,
		  so you have to provide some way to keep them separate.

		o With 'cmake' you can have a separate build directory for each platform,
		  and have them all build at the same time without worry of 'crosstalk':

			On linux:
			cd /net/fltk-1.4.x/; mkdir build-linux; cd build-linux; cmake .. ; make

			On Mac:
			cd /net/fltk-1.4.x/; mkdir build-mac;   cd build-mac;   cmake .. ; make

			On Windows:
			cd /net/fltk-1.4.x/; mkdir build-mingw; cd build-mingw; cmake .. ; make


	..leaving behind separate platform files that can all be used by your own multi-platform
	project built similarly across all platforms.

	I do something like this with my commercial software, as it supports at least 3 platforms
	(sometimes different linux distros require separate builds).

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