Re: [fltk.coredev] Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK

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Re: Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK Manolo 01:14 Jan 14 top right image
  Le lundi 10 janvier 2022 à 18:27:16 UTC+1, Albrecht Schlosser a écrit :
Here are my first results (I'll continue testing later). I tested on Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland desktop.

(1) The window title fonts are way too large (obviously in CSD mode). Can we reduce the font size?
As I wrote before, I would prefer not to modify libdecor because it's packaged in recent distros.
But, libdecor is constructed as a host for plugins which draw titlebars :
"It aims to provide multiple backends that implement the decoration drawing."
Only one plugin I know of exists now, libdecor-cairo, which hardcodes the fontsize used for window titles.
But, other libdecor plugins might appear in the future.

(2) There doesn't seem to be an appropriate double clicks timeout. You can click twice with a delay of 5 seconds and the second click is still recognized as a double click.
That should be fixed now in the git repo, as well as line selection with triple click that didn't work with Fl_Text_Display.

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