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Re: [MOD] STR #2957: Todo list for site move to Albrecht Schlosser May 16, 2021 top right image

[STR New]

Version: Web Site

Hmm, sounds as if we could close the STR then...

However, here's another option to add an "atom feed" which appears to be
the (one) "new standard". I uploaded three files as a proof of concept:

 - RSS_Atom_Feedbro.png: screenshot (see below)
 - atom.html: this could be integrated in our site
 - atom.xml: this would be the new atom feed format

The screenshot demonstrates how the browser addon "Feedbro" works. The menu
"Find Feeds in Current Tab" finds the two links embedded in the page

  <link rel='alternate' title='FLTK RSS feed' href='index.rss'
type='application/rss+xml' />
  <link rel="alternate" title="FLTK Atom feed" href="atom.xml"
type="application/atom+xml" />

The first link already exists, the second link is the new one.

There's no need to click on the link itself, you can mark any of the feeds,
click on "Subscribe", and Feedbro watches the feed(s) for you. The menu
"Open Feed Reader" lets you manage the feed messages and actually read

Note that "Feedbro" is only an example I installed after Firefox did not
longer work with the RSS feed (as we know now, since 64.0). We can assume
that users may install other addons or plugins if they're interested.

I think this is an option we could pursue by writing both the RSS and the
Atom feed (xml) files to support maybe most of the browsers / plugins.


Note: I *temporarily* uploaded both files (atom.html and atom.xml) to the
FLTK site so we can experiment with the demo contents:

This link will only work for a limited time. See the uploaded files in the
"Trouble Report Files" section of this STR for persistent example files.

Version: Web Site

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