Re: Fl_Gl_Window flashes on context creation (Windows7)

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Re: Fl_Gl_Window flashes on context creation (Windows7) Greg Ercolano Apr 10, 2013 top right image
On 04/09/13 23:24, Ivan Nedrehagen wrote:
> I also suspect that there might be problems replicating this bug, so I will try to do some digging of my own. Since I have built the FLTK library on my own, I might tinker a bit with the source and might run a strace (or windows equiv.) on the glut demos and the fltk demos to see if there might be a difference.

	Yes, strace might be good, and also I think there's a way to view
	the X11 messages going back and forth.. It might be as easy as setting
	an environment variable, or attaching a program to the process or some such..
	can't remember.

	Sometimes just running the app through a remote xsession would let you
	sniff the X11 network messages (ethereal, or wireshark, or whatever its
	called these days which sniffs network packets and deconstructs them at
	the protocol level into meaningful messages. Used this once to solve an STR
	a few years ago where our code was creating zero sized windows IIRC)
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