[fltk/fltk] Rename Fl_X* Fl_Window::i private class member (#223)

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[fltk/fltk] Rename Fl_X* Fl_Window::i private class member (#223) Albrecht Schlosser Apr 26, 2021 top right image

See discussion in thread Fl_Window's "Fl_X *i" causes warning "C4458: declaration of 'i' hides class member" in Visual Studio in fltk.general.

The gist of this thread: FLTK uses a member name i for an internal (private) member which is generally a bad choice and doesn't comply with our CMP.

Although the warning in VS is (only?) visible at warning level /W4 (as reported) it can be "fixed" (IMHO: easily) in the user code that introduces the variable i that shadows the (private!!!) FLTK member variable. (Is VS here at fault warning about a private class member?)

But since there is an almost complete patch FLTK should be changed anyway to honor the CMP (by renaming the internal variable as discussed).

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