Re: [RFE] STR #3329: Support for tablet features (pen pressure, tilt, etc)

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Re: [RFE] STR #3329: Support for tablet features (pen pressure, tilt, etc) Albrecht Schlosser Aug 17, 2020 top right image

[STR New]

Version: 1.3-feature

I don't have a tablet device and I don't have macOS, but I'm trying to give
some input on the open questions.

1) This feature should only be applied to 1.4, hence the ABI guards can be
removed, but the patch should be applicable to 1.4. Just a note, didn't
test, but I'd *guess* that the patch couldn't be applied cleanly to 1.4.

2) I saw notes by Manolo regarding name changes of constants in later macOS
versions. This should be addressed.

3) As for a switch to turn this feature on and off:
3a) I think such a switch would be essential.
3b) I suggest to set the default to OFF (0) so users must explicitly enable
3c) I think we shouldn't use Fl::option() for this. I like the idea to have
one or more Fl::tablet_*() methods so we are free with function arguments.
Maybe we need more methods later.
3d) Another implementation option would be an Fl_Tablet class with
(presumably, for now) only static methods.

4) Regarding "tweaks in light of the new 'driver' system": I looked at the
patch and I don't think that there would be much to do WRT the new driver
system. OS event handling is in separate code parts anyway.

5) I'd like to see such features on other platforms as well, but I don't
know if there's somebody who can implement it. :-(

Something I thought about: what if a user has two (or more) tablets
connected. How would someone distinguish events from one or the other
tablet device?

Version: 1.3-feature

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