[fltk.announce] Apr 27, 2008: FLTK 1.1.9 final version released

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Apr 27, 2008: FLTK 1.1.9 final version released Michael Sweet Jul 10, 2011 top right image
The FLTK team is happy to announce the release of FLTK 1.1.9. This version fixes two regressions and a bug that could lead to a crash under some circumstances.

FLTK 1.1.9 can be downloaded here:


        - Improved color contrast in secondary selection blocks
          of Fl_Text_Display (STR #1917)
        - Fixed regression in callback handling (STR #1918)
        - Fixed wrong relative path when absolute path has a 
          trailing slash in fl_filename_relative (STR #1920)
        - Fixed multiple selction of files and directories in
          Fl_File_Chooser (STR #1913)
        - Fixed MSWindows crash when selecting umlauts
          in Fl_Help_View (STR #1912)
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