edanator 1.0

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Author:Edward ArthurEMail:ed.arthur
Home Page:http://sourceforge.net/projects/edanator/ (6845 visits)
Download: (8 visits)

Graphical binary/hex calculator and bit manipulator.

 Intuitive graphical binary and hex calculator. Each nibble is displayed in hex and binary. Clicking on the button (hex nibble or binary bit) changes the value. Bit and nibble shifting is supported via dedicated buttons.
  Variable width per word (up to 64-bits). Three words (each on a different row), top word is X, middle is Y, bottom is Z. Mathematical operations are selectable via the menu: Z = X & Y, etc.
  Unique features: ability to display multiple words in hex, binary and decimal at the same time and ability to construct words a nibble or a bit at a time.


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From Dejan Lekic, 15:52 Dec 26, 2004 (score=2)

Very good and usefull application. Congratulations! Good work! :)
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