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  • Bass Learnin' Tool 1.0 Beta

    The Bass Learnin' Tool is a simple application to help you learn the notes on the bass guitar fretboard. It provides an Explore mode and a Test mode. In Explore mode, you can mouse over frets/strings to see what notes they are, and quiz yourself. In Test mode, a fret/string is highlighted and you are asked to identify what the note is. You can set the time limit, what frets to be quizzed on, whether to include sharps/flats, and several other settings.

  • Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0

    Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is a simple program that calculates the number of calories expended on a bicycle ride. It is based on an article in the May 1989 issue of Bicycling Magazine, pp. 100-103. It provides a good estimate of the number of calories burned based on time, distance, rider weight, wind speed and direction, drafting, and climbing. It is not meant to be a completely accurate calculator and playing with the input values will reveal that the equations break down for very small and very large average speed values. Calorie expediture values seem very reasonable for average speeds between 5 and 30 mph.

  • ClickShow 4.2

    A subtitle player for theaters and movie theaters. It's basic functionality is manual subtitle synchronization, i.e. there's someone sitting at a computer in a theater who pushes a button whenever an actor says something, so that the appropriate subtitle is displayed at the same time (this person is known as the "clicker").

    However, ClickShow can also play timed subtitles which is useful in movie theaters in situations where you want the subtitles to be projected by a separate projector. For example, the movie is on a real film real without subtitles, so you set up a projector to beam the subtitles on a small piece of white cloth under the actual movie screen. Etc. There's a surprising number of situations where this is useful.

    Also, ClickShow is networked, so one clicker can synchronize subtitles for any number of theaters showing the same film at the same time. This is used for Metropolitan Opera broadcasts only, as far as I know, but the functionality is there if you want to broadcast your theater show around the globe.

  • EarthSight 1.0

    EarthSight is an Earth viewer application using NASA satellite imagery

  • edanator 1.0

    Graphical binary/hex calculator and bit manipulator.

     Intuitive graphical binary and hex calculator. Each nibble is displayed in hex and binary. Clicking on the button (hex nibble or binary bit) changes the value. Bit and nibble shifting is supported via dedicated buttons.
      Variable width per word (up to 64-bits). Three words (each on a different row), top word is X, middle is Y, bottom is Z. Mathematical operations are selectable via the menu: Z = X & Y, etc.
      Unique features: ability to display multiple words in hex, binary and decimal at the same time and ability to construct words a nibble or a bit at a time.

  • EDI Courier [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0

    EDI Courier is an inexpensive and simple to use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) translator and mapper with VAN communications built-in for Unix and Microsoft Windows 95 or greater.

    It is designed to integrate with almost any accounting/production system; although it can be used for data entry and printing.

  • Einstein, a MessagePad 2100 NewtonOS emulator v2022.4.20

    Einstein can be built for five different platforms. The Linux and Windows version are based on the cross platform library FLTK. The macOS version is available in a "native" version and in an FLTK version. The Android version is currently written using the native SDK, the iOS version also uses a direct native interface


  • flburncd 0.1

    This program is very simple for burning iso images created by mkisofs or any other foftware. It use burncd as write program. ----------- FreeBSD (*BSD) software!!!

  • flCash 0.1rc2

    flCash is a simple easy-to-use personal finance application. It is intended for anyone who has not much money. It manages simple account. Cross-plateform supported : GNU/Linux, Solaris, Windows

  • FlightGear Scenery Designer 0.2.1

    FGSD is an interactive scenery designer/builder for the FlightGear (http://www.flightgear.org/) flight simulator project. The user will be able to import map data, draw hypsographic curves, specify land use area, edit taxiway path and place 3d objects.

  • flmkisofs 0.1

    mkisofs GUI frontend Creating DVD video iso files Creating apple iso filesystem Creating hfs iso filesystem Full support 1-3 versions of iso filesystem standart Full support RockRidge? and Joliet extensions Partial UDF support Creating El Torito or Generic boot iso filesystems Very simple and fast(using FLTK 1.1.6 library)

  • flruler 1.04

    A "pixel ruler" program for measuring the pixel size of on-screen elements.

    Intended for GUI debugging to verify widget separations and sizes, though useful for general computer graphics debugging purposes, including measuring pixel distances of images, web applications, etc.

  • fluid hack

    Edit code with your favorite text editor instead of the code editing dialog.

  • flwm 1.00

    An X window manager written using fltk!

  • fl_autorun 0.0.0

    Scripted auto-run utility for MS-Windows

    A simple, handy utility with almost no documentation... but with source.

  • Fl_RPNCalc 1.2

    A simple RPN calculator with keyboard numpad functionality

  • fpwdman 1.0.6

    fpwdman manages a file of passwords, accessed by one master passphrase. It can import and export password files. It runs under both Windows and Unix.

  • Graphviewer 1.2

    Graphviewer is a generic data visualization tool written in FLTK 1.1 that reads input from a command line data source on the standard input and renders that into a scrolling graph, similarly to perfmeter-like applications.

    However, unlike other specific solutions, it can display different kinds of data in a user customizable form, be that

    • CPU load
    • network traffic
    • the number of logged-in users on your e-commerce web site
    • ...or anything else :)

    The selection of data and rendering options are described in configuration files. It compiles and runs on Linux and Solaris.

  • Jargon Informatique 1.3.4

    Jargon Informatique is a French dictionary of computer science jargon.

    Un dictionnaire libre du jargon informatique.

  • Jester: The Song Parody Editor 2.0

    Jester is a simple song parody editor. It has side-by-side displays to show original and parody lyrics, with synchronized scrolling. It displays a line-by-line comparison of original and parody lyric syllable counts, color-coded to show where the parody has too few or too many syllables. It also has a built-in rhyming dictionary.

  • MailReactor

    MailReactor is a free tool to send one e-mail to a number of e-mail addresses. It can be used to send e-mail to all people who have applied to a notification service, like program updates, announcements etc. It is of course not meant to send unsolicited e-mails to random people. It will send a personal e-mail to all the receivers.

  • mbasecalc 1.2

    A simple calculator for Programmers.

  • nixieclock 1.64

    A simple little desktop Nixie tube clock displays the current time in 24 hour format using little icons of actual Nixie tube digits. (For those of you into old 1960's vacuum tube display technology)

    Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Irix. A simple excercise in making movable borderless windows, and an app that compiles using Makefiles on all platforms.

  • Rush 102.40f

    Rush is a commercial application that manages network rendering on multiple platforms for film and video production. Rush uses FLTK exclusively for all its GUI interfaces. Supported platforms: Windows/Linux/Irix/MacOSX. Supported renderers; Maya, Houdini, Shake, Softimage, LightWave, Mental Ray, Arnold, and any command line oriented programs possible. Many production companies, large and small, use this system to control rendering of feature films, commercials, and other commercial productions.

  • sprsht 1.2.2

    sprsht is a simplified spreadsheet program to show and manipulate data on a spreadsheet, including an easy method for including user written c++ functions similar to macros. Based on fltk and g.ercolano's Fl_Table widget.

    • easily modified (c++)
    • cell array can be resized dynamically
    • recursive descent parser for expressions, constants, real and string variables
    • built-in functions including most of <cmath> library
    • data can be saved and recovered
    • examples include flow of natural gas in a pipeline network

    This is version 1.2.2, with an improved pipeflow interface and minor error corrections and improvements to the main spreadsheet program

  • The Daily Journal 2-0.2

    The Daily Journal (fltdj) is a Personal Information Manager which manages daily notes, appointments, to-do lists, contacts, addresses, alarms, etc. It keeps track of daily notes, (or a diary, or a journal of your activities), along with daily appointments and alarms for them, an address book of your contacts, a list of holidays (or anniversaries) as well as things to do.

  • The Filing Cabinet 0.1.1

    Organize and maintain a set of numbered file folder labels.  Enter the set in an outliner like editor.  Can also load from templates (a sample household file system included).  Prints to Avery file folder label sheets - page alignment and partial sheets.  As the list is changed over time, the application keeps track of which labels have already been printed.

  • The Larch 1.0 (beta) [Stale download link 2023-11-11]

    The Larch™ is a software tool for creating and editing hierarchical documents. A hierarchical document consists of a hierarchical tree structure, with a set of note pages associated to each node in the tree. Hierarchical documents – also referred to as tree documents – have many uses, including argument maps, work breakdown structures, hierarchical task analysis, help documentation, and general note taking and organizing.

  • VBA Express 1.1

    A VisualBoyAdvance frontend to configure the best Game Boy Advance emulator EASILY! Graphics, sound, controls (keyboard and joystick), paths (to saves and captures)... You can configure all this without edit VisualBoyAdvance.cfg manually.

  • xdiskusage 1.44

    Graphic display of how much space your files take on the disk (Unix only).

  • [Stale home link 2023-11-11] flcdsim 1.1

    flcdsim is a graphical simulator for the Scott Edwards Electonics, Inc. Integrated Serial LCD Module, ILM-216.  It simulates all aspects of the 2-line, 16-character LCD display including the 4 buttons that are supported by the module, the piezo buzzer, and the communications delay induced by the slow serial interface.  flcdsim runs another program with the stdin/stdout/stderr files redirected to flcdsim, allowing you to develop applications that communicate with an ILM-216 without an ILM-216 on your system, or just to test the interface without disturbing the LCD that is already being used.

  • [Stale link 2015-04-06] Yacas .

    Yacas is a small but powerful computer algebra system in development.

  • [Stale link 2015-04-08] fltk-bedic 0.75

    Alternative fltk frontend for the bedic http://sourceforge.net/projects/bedic dictionary format.

    • Additional feature: Vocable Trainer

  • [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 3D Planetarium 1.1 1.1

    Program very nice to show stars, to navigate into deep space and to view planets. All in real-time, textured, with 3d Graphic and with realistic planets and stars position, using MesaGL. I recommend to take precompiled binaries. It's coming 3DPlanetarium 1.5 with all constellations showed real-time and also i have ported the program under windows.

  • [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] CentauriED 1.0

    Editor, which uses FLTK as UI, enables you to edit Alpha Centauri's Alpha.txt file.

  • [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] classify 0.1

    Classify is a quick-and-dirty C++ class generation tool. It generates the constructor, the destructor, and getters and setters for a given list of variables.

  • [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] FlScan - A new SANE frontend based on the FLTK GUI toolkit 1.0.0

    The flscan is a new frontend for the Scanner Access Now\'s Easy (best known as SANE) libraries and dlls.

  • [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] fltags 0.4 1.0

    [OBSOLETE: now integrated with flIDE] an FLTK frontend for ctags, allows you to browse through your classes, functions, data-members and methods, and jumps to the code in the specified editor.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] flmake .

    [OBSOLETE! now integrated with flIDE] flmake is a small but useful tool, that provides a graphical user interface to run 'make'.
    flmake parses compiler-output, so you can jump to warning and error lines quickly.
    flmake uses the excellent fltk library and relies on nedit as an editor.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] flspread 0.51

    fltk version of the spreadsheet application sc for the agenda PDA.

    Based on Fltk 1.0.9

    Very early alpha version

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] fltk-ubahnnav 0.71

    Fltk frontend for D.Brukakis http://www.ubahnstation.net/ Ubahn navigator.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] flXset .

    This is a small utility program for setting various parameters of an X server such as mouse speed, keyboard repeat... It is intended to be a part of the FLE project

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] FL_MicoDispatcher .

    This is a class that binds the mico/CORBA event loop and the fltk event loop to allow GUI based CORBA applications.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] FMan .

    FMan is a man page browser that features case sensitive/insensitive searching, four searching methods, searching of man page descriptions where available, searching selected sections, copy to clipboard, user configurable fonts and colors, total control from the keyboard and more.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] HTMLDOC 1.8.27

    HTMLDOC converts HTML files and web pages into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files suitable for on-line viewing and printing. HTMLDOC can be used as a standalone GUI application, in a batch document processing environment, as a web-based report generation application, or in embedded environments to support printing of HTML content!

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] linPutty 1.0

    linPutty linux putty like app.
    Support terminal rxvt,xterm, and ssh, telnet, vnc, rdesktop connection.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] Loan Arranger .

    Simple program to calculate a range of payments for an auto loan or mortgage. Good for learning fltk.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] MegaIRC .

    A nasty italian IRC client: tutto in italiano! Now supports the protocol TTY OBFUSCATED in shared library!!! build your cripto-algorithm and use it on normals IRC servers! 0.50 beta release is out now.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] Monica 3.3

    Monica is a small monitor calibration tool. It works as frontend to xgamma which uses the FLTK library (www.fltk.org).

    With Monica you can alter your monitor's gamma on XFree86 or Xorg. The gray and color scales can help you find usable settings. The grey box with lines illustrates a display gamma of 2.2, the sRGB standard gamma.The image is part of one by Norman Koren, who has a very helpful website regarding monitor calibration at: http://www.normankoren.com

    In rare cases xgamma, and therefore Monica, may not work with some graphics devices. Don't cry...

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] monica 2.6

    Monica is a small monitor calibration tool. It works as frontend to xgamma which uses the FLTK library.(www.fltk.org)

    With Monica you can alter your monitor's gamma on XFree86 or Xorg. The gray and color scales can help you find usable settings. The grey box with lines illustrates a display gamma of 2.2, the sRGB standard gamma.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] MySQLGUI .

    This is graphical client for MySQL database, running under both X and Windoze, and next year Mac (Matt ?), providing all necessary functionality for database programmers, analysts, administrators etc

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] MZSplit 3.0

    MZSplit is a simple and light file splitter. It can be useful for dividing a big file into small units, for easy file transport using memory storage devices (such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, USB memory sticks and so on). It needs very low memory (below 4 MB) and should run without problems on Windows 95 / 98 / 98SE / ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista or higher (64-bit versions should be OK). There is not installation: simply expand the zip file where you want to install the application. MZSplit is fully compatible with UNIX/Linux split command. It's distributed under GNU GPL license.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] PMan .

    Programmer's Project Manager and Rudimentary (patch-based) revision tool. Relies on nedit.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] PStill .

    PStill is a PostScript to PDF converter and available for many platforms. The Windows versions uses the FLTK toolkit for its GUI interface.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] TerraGrid Performance Monitor 1.1.3

    The TerraGrid Performance Monitor is an application for Linux, Windows and other platforms that displays in real time Input/Output activity on a cluster running Terrascale's TerraGrid software product. The monitor runs over a TCP/IP connection to the cluster from either a local management station or an internet connection. Note that this software requires FLTK binding to TCL, located on http://pages.infinit.net/cclients/files/fltk.html .

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] Unicom 1.1.7

    Instant messaging client. It can handle Jabber, Tlen and Gadu-Gadu protocols as well as send SMS to polish (from Poland - the country ;-)) cell phone operators. Native versions exist for Win32, Linux and Mac OS X.

  • [Stale links 2015-04-08] XFinger for Linux .

    X11 front-end for the finger command (binaries are for Linux, but it can be recompiled on other Unix-like systems).

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] DiskFreeSpaceUI 0.3

    A GUI for the df tool.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] flCalc .

    Here is a pocket calculator with the usual scientific functions, binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal bases.
    It is intended to be a part of the FLE project.
    version : 0.99.1 last update :April 29th 2001

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] FLDev 0.5.7

    FLDev is an IDE designed for older systems and small C/C++ Applications and is based on the Editor described in the FLTK Manual.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] fldiff 1.1

    fldiff is a graphical diff program that shows the differences between two files/directories, or a file/directory and a CVS or Subversion repository. It is inspired by xdiff (Motif-based) and xxdiff (Qt-based), whose choice of GUI toolkit has hampered their portability to many of the systems I work with.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] flP5 - the fast light Parallel Port Production PIC Programmer 1.0.0

    flP5 is an easy to use, easy to configure and easy to extend full featured PIC (and most of the serially programmed device) programming software.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] flsane 0.1.0

    flsane is at present a basic scanner implementation.

    Works with LINUX and the SANE library (sane-backends-1.0.25).

    Tested with fltk-1.3.x-r11345 and:

     HP Deskjet F2280 All-in-one : hpaio backend
     Epson V370 Photo            : epkowa backend (see doc/epkowa.txt)

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] GL Studio 2.0


  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Magpie Pro 2.1

    Magpie Pro is a lipsync and timing tool for animators that has been used in a variety of feature film, TV, Web and video game animation projects by companies around the world.

    Version 2 provides a long list of improvements and is available for Windows and MacOS X.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] mp3d 1.2b

    Mp3d is an administrative player of mp3. It make usage of fltk v1.2 to manage the gui ( 2d and 3d ). French software, intuitive use.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] MZFriends 1.3.0

    MZFriends is a very, very rudimentary and simple database program. It was made to be an address book, but it can store whatever you like. Very simple, easy, small and fast. There are two versions: Linux (and other Unix-like systems) and Windows (9x, NT, 2000 or higher).

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Orkid Jan 10, 2005

    Cross Platform Media Engine Framework with which to build advanced media editors ( audio, video, 3D, etc.. )

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Post Office .

    A multithreaded multi-protocol email and usenet client with a very flexible GUI and backend.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Randomizer .

    Produces a given number of random Values within a given range and prints them in a Fl_Browser.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] rubrinive 1.0.1

    FLTK + SQLite + TinyXML = rubrinive, an alternative rubric that allows to store for every identity N addresses, N telephone numbers and N e-mails or Web Links. You can exchange your DATA exporting/importing them in/from a XML file. Is now available the version 1.0.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] System Information Retriever 1.0.4

    • SIR is a small portable application for Windows that displays information of the system’s hardware and OS.
    • SIR retrieves the important information of the system’s OS, BIOS, CPU, MotherBoard, VGA, HardDisk, CDROM, Network, Battery, Printer, etc.
    • SIR is a must have tool for every computer user, it does not require installation, you can run it directly from a USB flash drive, without worrying that it might affect your registry. It displays all the important information of the system on one page, which can be printed out by pressing the print button.
  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] TANtec Studio 4.3

    Commercial application for tanning salons - application drives point of sale or vending machine. The software consists of several modules and contains a customers management, article management, studio management and so on.

    Version 4 of TANtec software uses FLTK for all graphical user interface. It shows advanced fltk features, like change of textsize and textfont, placing and zooming windows, placing of subwindows, showing graphics and using all kinds of dialogs and (user defined) widgets.

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] Tux ToDo List Manager 1.5

    Tux ToDo is a simple to-do list manager, inspired by the built-in to-do list manager for Palm systems.  The program is built with FLTK 1.1.6 on Linux

  • [Stale links 2023-11-11] wmanager .

    wmanager is a small X11 application for selecting a window manager at startup.

  • [STALE] Keep Writing 1.0 beta

    Keep Writing is a word processor that works like an old school typewriter: it doesn't let you delete. If you really really have to, you can type over mistakes just like with a real typewriter. The idea is that this will let you focus on productivity (instead of endless polishing) and on reaching your word count goals. It simply encourages you to Keep Writing!


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