fltk makefiles for Borland C++ v5.5

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Name:fltk makefiles for Borland C++ v5.5Popularity:7%
Home Page:http://www.franet.de/gf/devel/fltkbcc.html (1720 visits)
Download:http://www.franet.de/gf/devel/makebcc.zip (1688 visits)

The combination of Borland's freely available command line C++ compiler with the FLTK   GUI toolkit (LGPL) is an excellent way to develop software for the Windows platform that is also easily portable to Unix or Linux. Unfortunately FLTK does not ship with makefiles for Borland, so we decided to translate the unix makefiles for this compiler. Inside the archive you can find a readme file that explains how to adapt them to your system.


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From Anonymous, 19:07 Aug 27, 2003 (score=2)

The homepage link is broken
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From Gollwitzer, 12:40 May 17, 2006 (score=3)


the link is dead for me. Can someone tell me a new link to this makefiles for Borland's Compiler?

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