Cygwin environment for FLTK

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Name:Cygwin environment for FLTKPopularity:8%
Version:License:Mostly GPL
Author:Carl ThompsonEMail:cet
Home Page: (2325 visits)
Download: (1683 visits)

Installation files and instructions needed to easily create a complete and current version of the Cygwin/Mingw32 development environment that can be used for FLTK.

If you want to write programs using FLTK under Windows but don't want to buy a compiler, you want this.

It includes the following:

  • Cygwin B20.1 updated to 20000227

  • Minw32 20000203 (MSVCRT)

  • Binutils 19990818-1 (fixed)

  • GCC 2.95.2-1

  • Insight 19991101 graphical debugger


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