RNAStructViz v2.4.1-testing

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Author:Maxie D. Schmidt (via the GitHub gtDMMB Organization)EMail:maxieds
Created:Nov 19, 2019
Updated:Oct 07, 2020
Home Page:https://github.com/gtDMMB/RNAStructViz/wiki (1031 visits)
Download:https://github.com/gtDMMB/RNAStructViz/releases/latest (1070 visits)


Diagram Window DisplayRadial Layout Viewer Display

CT File Viewer DisplayStatistics Window Sub-DisplayCustomized File Import Dialog Using Boost::FileSystem

About the application

RNAStructViz is a graphical cross platform visualization, comparison, and analysis tool for RNA secondary structures. The GUI for the application is based on FLTK 1.4.x enabled with-cairo for improved graphics. The application is able to load structure data in many standard text-based file formats including CT, DotBracket, SEQ, and other custom formats that support multiple structures sampled per file (see complete list of examples). The diagrams generated by RNAStructViz can be exported to portable external images including to the PNG and SVG formats. The comparative statistics window can export custom generated comparison data to the plaintext-based CSV format for later processing. A FAQ page, and a set of informational first-run instructions for what users should expect to see when running RNAStructViz for the first time are available on the detailed GitHub wiki page.

Mac OSX Install instructions using Homebrew

Installation instructions for Mac OSX users using the brew package installer to install dependencies and RNAStructViz are as follows:

$ brew install gtDMMB/core/RNAStructViz

 ... OR to upgrade to a newer version ...

$ brew tap gtDMMB/homebrew-core
$ brew update
$ brew reinstall --verbose gtDMMB/core/RNAStructViz

From-source installation using GitHub on other Unix/Linux platforms

From-source installation instructions for other Unix and Linux platforms are documented here. Installation procedures for local (user home directory only) builds on lab and other workstations without administrator access are also available here.


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  1675RNAStructViz v1.9.1-testingNov 19, 20190  

RNAStructViz is a GUI-based cross platform visualization, comparison, and analysis tool for RNA secondary structures.

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