flPlug 0.1.2

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Author:Diego FlorioEMail:flplug
Home Page:http://sourceforge.net/projects/flplug/ (740 visits)
Download:http://sourceforge.net/projects/flplug/files/ (572 visits)

flPlug is a library whose purpose is to bring a type-safe interface for the event callback system of the Fast Light ToolKit (FLTK) library. It provides callbacks that can be private member functions and a type-safe interface. It has been tested with FLTK versions 1.1.* and 1.3.*.


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  1105flPlug 0.1.2Sep 08, 20110  

flPlug version 0.1.2 includes new support for callback to member functions with simple Fl_Widget* parameters (good for callback reuse)

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