Manticore Aerofoil Design 1.2.2

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Name:Manticore Aerofoil DesignPopularity:4%
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Manticore Design is intended to be a (reasonably) simple way of designing aerofoils (or modifying existing shapes) and testing them. Unfortunately most aerofoil data comes as sets of coordinates defining the profile. These are needed for the 2D Panel methods used here but are in no way easy to edit. I have found empirically that most (if not all) sections can be closely approximated by just four Bezier curves - of which the leading edge node is fixed, while the trailing edge nodes and the leading edge control points are constrained to movement along the y-axis. 3D wing design, the addition of flaps are also supported along with Polars & a very crude form of optimisation.

New: Genetic search in addition to original incremental search.

Version is now 1.2.2


  • Now calculates profile as well as skin drag ***


  • CLMax is now calculated - polars should be much more accurate ***

Added a routine to automatically convert loaded vector files to coordinates (also auto converts as files are edited) However, with this enabled, loading coordinate files is not possible - therefore the default is to disable this function.

It is now possible to set the flap root position as well as the tip in the 3D Wing window.

Several changes to the interface - most of which do not affect functionality.

A (large) number of bugs have been fixed, though there are probably plenty more ;^}



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