sprsht 1.2.2

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Version:1.2.2License:gpl 2
Author:norman bakkerEMail:nab
Home Page:http://nab.pcug.org.au (2120 visits)
Download:http://nab.pcug.org.au (1074 visits)

sprsht is a simplified spreadsheet program to show and manipulate data on a spreadsheet, including an easy method for including user written c++ functions similar to macros. Based on fltk and g.ercolano's Fl_Table widget.

  • easily modified (c++)
  • cell array can be resized dynamically
  • recursive descent parser for expressions, constants, real and string variables
  • built-in functions including most of <cmath> library
  • data can be saved and recovered
  • examples include flow of natural gas in a pipeline network

This is version 1.2.2, with an improved pipeflow interface and minor error corrections and improvements to the main spreadsheet program


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