TANtec Studio 4.3

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Name:TANtec StudioPopularity:4%
Author:Edzard EgbertsEMail:e.egberts
Home Page:http://www.tantec.de (1268 visits)
Download:http://www.tantec.de/de/download/demosoftware/demosoftware.htm (1079 visits)

Commercial application for tanning salons - application drives point of sale or vending machine. The software consists of several modules and contains a customers management, article management, studio management and so on.

Version 4 of TANtec software uses FLTK for all graphical user interface. It shows advanced fltk features, like change of textsize and textfont, placing and zooming windows, placing of subwindows, showing graphics and using all kinds of dialogs and (user defined) widgets.


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