Kachina Tranceiver CAT Program 1.2.4

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Name:Kachina Tranceiver CAT ProgramPopularity:4%
Author:Dave Freese (W1HKJ)EMail:w1hkj
Home Page:http://www.w1hkj.com (1126 visits)
Download:http://www.w1hkj.com/files/kcat/ (1110 visits)

Interested in a new interface program for the Kachina 505DSP transceiver? This program runs on either Windows or Linux.  It retains most but not all of the original functions in the KC505.EXE program that came with the transceiver.  The purpose of this software is primarily to provide a Kachina control program that is compatible with the Linux operating system.  Includes examples of shared memory utilization for communicating with other applications.  The computer to transceiver interface is RS232.

Precompiled Windows & Linux executables,a complete html user manual and full source code is available on the Home Page URL.


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  618Kachina Tranceiver CAT Program 1.1Jun 19, 20060  

KachinaCAT is a computer controller for the Kachina 505 amateur radio transceiver.  The 505 is a no-front-panel transceiver that requires a computer for operation.  KachinaCAT has been tested on Debian, Red Hat, XP 98, Win2K and Windows 95.

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