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Listings in Wiki/Software/Applications/Amateur Radio

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  • FastLightQRZ 2.2

    Interface to the QRZ cdrom amateur radio callsign database published by AA7BQ.  Version 2.2, compatible with QRZ cdrom Volume 26.  Source code and compiled/linked apps available.

  • fldigi 4.1.15

    Digital modem program for amateur radio use.  This is a multi-threaded application that operates in real time on received and transmitted audio waveforms.  The audio processing makes use of the latest libportaudio and libsnd libraries.  Application threads are separated from the fltk primary thread by using qrunner and boost technologies. Source provides examples of multi-threaded interface using boost/qrunner type thread management.  Also provides examples of audio i/o using OSS, PORTAUDIO and PULSEAUDIO. Can be built for OS targets: Unix, Linux, Windows, OS X. Source also available on Source Forge. Screen capture on Apple miniMac, built using fltk 1.4.x on OS 10.14.3:

  • flnet 7.3.3

    Net Controller Program

    Designed for use by the Rooster Net or any other call-in net with a large number of active members.  Database maintained using xbase, a dbase-2 compatible file format.

    Fast entry - all operations performed from the keyboard.  Accesses the QRZ cdrom database for membership info.  Program can extract email address from the QRZ cdrom database.

    Source code also available on Source Forge.

  • flrig 1.3.37

    Transceiver control program, supports over 60 different transceivers.  Acts as server in client/server socket connection to one of several other amateur applications including fldigi and flwkey.  Source also available on Source Forge.

  • flrig 1.3.51

    Transceiver control program.  Supports over 60 transceivers.  Server to fldigi / flwkey clients.  Source also available on Source Forge.

  • fl_logbook 1.2.6

    Logbook stand alone and server to fldigi / flwkey.  Records maintained in flat file ADIF format.  Supports various import/export functions including CSV and Cabrillo reports.

  • Kachina Tranceiver CAT Program 1.2.4

    Interested in a new interface program for the Kachina 505DSP transceiver? This program runs on either Windows or Linux.  It retains most but not all of the original functions in the KC505.EXE program that came with the transceiver.  The purpose of this software is primarily to provide a Kachina control program that is compatible with the Linux operating system.  Includes examples of shared memory utilization for communicating with other applications.  The computer to transceiver interface is RS232.

    Precompiled Windows & Linux executables,a complete html user manual and full source code is available on the Home Page URL.

  • PskScope for Linux / Windows XP 2.0

    Interface program for the PskMeter  by KF6VSG.  Pskscope provides additional functionality over the software distributed with the PskMeter kit.  It allows you to view your transmitted signal in both the time and frequency domains.   You can preview the entire on line help file.


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