Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator [STALE LINK: Jan 2012] 1.0

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Name:Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator [STALE LINK: Jan 2012]Popularity:7%
Author:Greg KondrasukEMail:kondrag
Home Page: (2248 visits)
Download: (1537 visits)

Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is a simple program that calculates the number of calories expended on a bicycle ride. It is based on an article in the May 1989 issue of Bicycling Magazine, pp. 100-103. It provides a good estimate of the number of calories burned based on time, distance, rider weight, wind speed and direction, drafting, and climbing. It is not meant to be a completely accurate calculator and playing with the input values will reveal that the equations break down for very small and very large average speed values. Calorie expediture values seem very reasonable for average speeds between 5 and 30 mph.


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From srizbf, 06:46 Feb 04, 2012 (score=3)

"Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator v1.01" archived at: (feb2012)
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From Anonymous, 06:45 Feb 04, 2012 (score=3)

"Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator v1.01" archived at: (feb2012)
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From greg.ercolano, 10:13 Jan 12, 2012 (score=3)

The link has gone stale.
If the author has moved the site, please update this submission.
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