flpsed 0.7.2

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Author:Johannes HofmannEMail:Johannes.Hofmann
Home Page:http://flpsed.org/flpsed.html (3508 visits)
Download:http://flpsed.org/flpsed-0.7.2.tar.gz (1635 visits)

flpsed is a PostScript annotator. You can't actually edit existing PostScript documents, but you can add arbitrary text to existing documents. It is useful for filling in forms, adding comments etc.


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  573flpsed 0.3.6Feb 21, 20060  

flpsed 0.3.6 released

  336flpsed 0.3.1Nov 14, 20040  

Allow moving of text with arrow keys for better text positioning. Tab key now cycles through text fields on current page. Fix redraw problem after scrolling. Various other bug fixes.

  331flpsed 0.3Oct 26, 20040  

Added support for tags. Added batch processing mode. Reduced flickering. Fixed various bugs.

  303flpsed 0.2Jul 20, 20042  

flpsed-0.2 is available with much improved PostScript output. flpsed can now handle non-A4 page sizes.

  294flpsed 0.1Jun 29, 20040  

flpsed-0.1 (alpha) released.

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