Article #303: flpsed 0.2

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Article #303: flpsed 0.2

Created at 14:03 Jul 20, 2004 by

flpsed-0.2 is available with much improved PostScript output. flpsed can now handle non-A4 page sizes.

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From belahcene at yahoO dot com, 08:58 Jul 25, 2004 (score=3)

hi, good thing but I want to add no standard text, as special characters, or image. But the aad is disable for that.

I add to the source a new size ( size 20 ) but It doesn't take it in count.

How to complete it ?

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From Johnnes Hofmann, 11:24 Jul 28, 2004 (score=2)

Hi, which special characters do you need? There is a table in Postscript.cxx that contains some special characters and their PostScript equivalent. Perhaps you can just add some entries there. Images are more difficult though. I have currently no idea how to handle them properly. New sizes can simply be added to the table in flpsed.cxx. But on my system no other sizes were available for the X11 font. So they do not get displayed properly in X11, but should render correctly in PostScript.

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