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Name:[Stale links 2010-10-22] TablePopularity:17%
Version:040701 License:MIT
Author:Markus Niemist´┐ŻEMail:markus.niemisto
Created:Nov 07, 2003
Updated:Nov 12, 2023
Home Page:http://www.dielocalwarez.com (5118 visits)
Download:http://www.dielocalwarez.com/files/table-040701.tar.gz (3937 visits)

Table is a small, simple and easy-to-use Table widget for displaying information in a FLTK program. Table can be used as a row oriented grid or list widget and has quite nice features (like sorting, column resizing and popup menus) built in.

I wrote Table because I needed a table widget for my database application and I couldn't find any easy widgets to use. Almost everyone required subclassing and providing at least a few methods just to display textual data -- not to mention sorting! So I decided to do it the hard way and made my own widget.

Table is much simpler (but because of that more restricted) than other table widgets available, like Fl_Table. Table can manipulate textual and integer data straight out of the box.

Table needs no subclassing. Just add columns with names and optionally different predefined widths, sorting functions and alignments and start adding some data. Data is stored in Table's internal buffer and it's freed automatically so you don't have to keep  any pointers hanging around.

Included sample program is crappy. I just don't have time to spend on it. If you have suggestions for new demo program please feel free to email me.


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  296Table 040701Jul 02, 20040  

Changes include:

  292Table 040621Jun 21, 20040  

This version has few new features (basically addCell(int)) but it contains a lot of bug fixes of which some are important.

  266Table 040218Feb 18, 20040  

This version fixes remaining bugs in event handling code and adds support for hidden columns. Hidden columns allows you to store invisible data (like handles etc.) in table.

  258Table 040210Feb 10, 20040  

There was few bugs in previous version. Most annoying bug was in event handling that prevented Table from working for example within Fl_Tabs.

  255Table 040208Feb 08, 20040  

This version includes some minor tweaks, new version numbering scheme and keyboard support (thanks Igor Khavkin) you all have been waiting for.

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From Anonymous, 07:05 Oct 22, 2010 (score=3)

    As of Oct 2010, the download links seem to no longer work.
    OP, can you update your links?

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