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  • An OSX bundle maker for FLTK-1.1 1.0

    A command line tool, using the FLTK library, to construct an OSX bundle for your app, converting icons in standard image files (gif, png, etc.) into OSX icons and storing them in the bundle. Can be used with makefile builds to automate the bundling of OSX builds.

  • FL-Essentials 1.0.0

    FL-Essentials is a FLTK and OpenCV based software system which provides extreme easiness in image processing with FLTK GUI. It consists of C++ class library and gives parallel processing support. It makes FLTK functionality easier, faster, and lighter. It works fine as a static or shared library.

    I wrote this library because I thought it would be a fun project and to make FLTK a lot easier for real-time image and camera handlings.

  • Nixstaller 0.5 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Nixstaller is an Open Source software project that makes it possible to create installers that work on many different UNIX like systems.
      Main Features

    • Three different installer frontends, powered by GTK+2, FLTK and ncurses.
    • Support for many common UNIX like systems (see table below)
    • Can be fully translated (English and Dutch translations are already provided)
    • The installation files can be compressed with lzma, gzip and bzip2.
    • The installation files that should be used can depend on the current system.
    • Lua support is provided to configure the installer and to program the installation procedure. This allows very flexible configurations.
    • Very few dependencies: the end user and install creator only needs one of the supported systems. For compilation SCons (and python) is also required.
    • Supports package manager integration and dependency handling.

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