fltk::RadioButton Class Reference

Inherits fltk::CheckButton.

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Static Public Attributes

static NamedStyledefault_style = &::style

Detailed Description

This button turns the value() on when clicked, and turns all other RadioButton widgets in the same group off. It displays a round dot to show the user this:


You can control the color of the circle with color() and the color of the dot with textcolor(). You can make it draw different colors when turned on by setting selection_color() and selection_textcolor() on the widget (these are ignored if set in an inherited style()).

If you want you can make any other button act like a RadioButton by doing type(Button::RADIO) to it. Be sure to lay out and decorate your interface so it is clear to the user that they are radio buttons.

Member Data Documentation

NamedStyle * RadioButton::default_style = &::style [static]

The default style for a CheckButton reverts to NO_BOX and a default glyph (the check mark to the left)

Reimplemented from fltk::CheckButton.

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